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Daily Deals for Small Business Owners

Daily Deal, Foursquare, Small Business MarketingFoursquare has just announced a new small business marketing tool aimed at mobile customers, but how entrepreneurs use the phone and social media could all be changing rapidly.

After DailyDealMedia.com and 24/7 Wall St. listed Living Social as one of the major brands that may disappear by next year, and Facebook got out of the game, many got the impression that daily deals were dead.

Commercialization of Artificial Intelligence Makes Lunar Leap for Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing, Technology, Maximize Marketing ROI, Vanity NumbersEverything you thought you knew about winning at small business marketing is about to change with the commercialization of A.I. technology…

Cognitive Code Corporation announced that it is releasing its military grade artificial intelligence technology ‘SILVIA’ to commercial developers. Once developers get dug in and begin putting SILVIA to use for marketing the advances will make Google Glass and today’s mobile marketing look like Stone Age developments.

The Future of Small Business Marketing

Small Business MarketingWhat’s in store for the future of small business marketing? What next generation marketing strategies and apps should entrepreneurs already be integrating? And what does this mean for small business owners today?

Today and for the future, it’s all about information: business information and customer information. It’s about achieving information and even protecting it. The second point here is that the consumer data is already out there. If businesses don’t capitalize on it, the competition will. The more targeted your marketing and the better you get at the “right time, right place, right medium” trifecta, the better the better the results; maximizing marketing ROI.

What Does Your #SmallBusiness Need to Grow?


Small Business, Small Business Growth, Toll Free Vanity NumbersWhat do small businesses need to spur rapid growth in the economic landscape?

According to the latest data from the LegalZoom/ Kauffman Foundation index on startup confidence released late last week, 84% of small business owners were confident in profitability over the next twelve months, with 96% of younger entrepreneurs bullish on growth.

Of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges out there today. So how can small business owners push growth regardless of what is going on at a macroeconomic level? What tools, strategies, and help should you be reaching out for?

How Small Business Owners Can Leverage Competition


Small Business, Toll Free Vanity Numbers, CompetitionMonday’s release of Google Now on the iPad and iPhone is an aggressive move that could be extremely beneficial to small business owners and entrepreneurs. How can small business owners leverage Google’s strategy to leap ahead of their competitors?

Siri’s nemesis has been unleashed!

Google’s version of the digital smartphone assistant ‘Google Now’ is now available on Apple devices and aims to seduce users to the Android platform. Apple struggles to keep up with Samsung and Google Now claims the edge with intuitive coding that doesn’t just serve up search results but learns about users and takes a proactive approach to delivering on their wants in advance.

The Importance of Promoting Your Small Business Brand


Small Business, Branding, Advertising EffectivenessThe importance of having a reputable and unique brand for your small business brand goes without saying. A reputable brand is directly tied to your marketing efforts and advertising effectiveness and how customers and potential customers view your business.

Some of the larger brands, such as Apple, may encounter some difficulty in the near future with their brand. Apple may still be in the news as always, but not for customer opinions may have changed. Customers may be losing interest in what the large tech company’s new gadgets.

Mashable’s breakdown of the latest earnings report covered what they called “4 Big Red Flags”:

1.    Profit decline

2.    Poor outlook

3.    Nothing new

Virgin Rockets Towards New Worlds for Small Business Marketing


Small Business Marketing, Virgin RocketsA new survey reveals the latest small business social trends, while Virgin changes the game and American companies scramble to boost business continuity plans.

A new study from Manta shows:

·         25% of small business owners plan to invest more in social in 2013

·         50% of small business owners report spending more time on social than last year

How to Rock the Value of Mobile Marketing for Small Business

Small Business,  Mobile MarketingThe Facebook phone is finally here on T-Mobile, putting a new twist on small business marketing. So what does the new Facebook phone look like? How much will it cost? How does it change marketing strategy for small businesses?

How Mobile Phones Have Helped Entrepreneurs for the Last Forty Years

Entrepreneurs, Mobile Phones, Vanity NumbersFun fact: the first mobile phone call was placed forty years ago this week. Phone services might have changed a lot since then but they may be one of the most important tools that keep income flowing in for small businesses.

Toll Free Services for Enjoying & Banking on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day, Toll Free Services, Vanity Number SearchSaint Patrick's Day is here and thanks to advancements in toll free services all entrepreneurs and business owners can now find a little more time to enjoy the celebrations and even see revenues up.

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What is a Shared Number?
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