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Category Archives: Small business

If you put in the miles to train for a marathon, you’ll want to be confident that your training is going to help you get to the finish line on race day. The same is true if you’re investing time and money into your company’s marketing. You deserve to know if your efforts are working. […]

Today it’s all about the customer experience (CX). Whether shopping activities are fulfilled on-premise or online, consumers may not be the first to admit it, but CX is driving sales in today’s competitive landscape. Marketers are getting on board to introduce flamboyant marketing plans that leave no stone unturned. Pressed to find new modes for […]

In the world of business, we all would agree that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to…fill in the blank: Keep track of follow-ups. Recruit and train staff. Clean our offices. How about eat or sleep? We can get so busy in the running of our businesses that we forget to do regular […]

Entrepreneurs face daunting challenges when it comes to running their small businesses. In fact, only 9 percent of small businesses survive the first five to ten years of operation. Everything from onerous taxes and regulations to mismanagement doom the vast majority of entrepreneurs who risk the security of working for a large company for the […]

The world of Internet marketing is replete with catchy phrases and buzzwords. Most of the catchy buzzwords quickly move over for the next big online marketing strategy. A few buzzwords, such as content marketing, appear to have staying power. So, where does that put native advertising, a concept that gained traction during 2013? Is native […]

Superheroes such as Batman and Superman came from nowhere to catch free falling victims that villains pushed from tall building ledges. Similarly, a depressed housing market, stagnant job growth, and skyrocketing prices have pushed the American economy into a seemingly irreversible free fall over the last several years. The question on the tips of many […]

Small business operators have myriad ways to measure the success of their small businesses. Of all of the metrics used to gauge small business success, sales and marketing invariably appear near the top of the list. However, do you know that you can measure sales and marketing by using a methodology that does not include […]