Business Planning Tactics that Will Blow Your Mind

by: admin , March 21, 2014

Entrepreneurs are tasked with a HUGE responsibility and challenge: running a small business. There are a ton of things to consider, worry about, and think about…and as a result, they never have any time. For those new entrepreneurs who are attempting to launch a startup, you’re probably the most overwhelmed. Where do you start? What does your marketing strategy look like? How are you going to pay the bills? And how do you effectively reach your target market and get your brand on the map? Start with a solid business plan.

Even in creating a small business plan, there are still a ton of things to consider and to include that it after you’ve named all your goals, objectives, and plans on how to get there, you’ve got over twenty of pages. Isn’t there an easier way? Yes, there can be. Rather than think and try to plan for everything under the sun, because you really can’t do that, cut your business plan down to just a few simple yet key areas:

Stick to the Goals. When you first sit down to put together a small business plan, forget everything else that might be bouncing around in your mind and concentrate on your goals. Why do you want to start your new small business? What is the value of your product or service that you want to “sell” to your customers? What do you want to get out of your small business? What do you want your customers to get out of your small business? These are all questions you need to ask yourself at the forefront. Sticking to your goals and keeping them in mind will help you pave your way to the top, and will certainly help you stand out from your competition.

What Will it Cost? The next thing that every new entrepreneur or small business owner needs to think about is the cost. What will starting a small business cost you in terms of financial resources? This is what makes most entrepreneurs and small business owners nervous. What are you willing to sacrifice personally to make your small business work? What will happen if your small business fails? However, while we can easily become so consumed by the money factor, small business owners and entrepreneurs also need to keep in mind what starting a new small business will cost you in terms of your personal life and your time. How much of your personal life are you willing to sacrifice to make your small business succeed?

Content Marketing = Getting to Know Your Customers. Another key area that entrepreneurs and small business owners need to consider is a strong and effective content marketing strategy. A good content marketing strategy means getting to know your customers because you need to know how to reach them, what gets their attention, how you can offer an individualized and personalized experience, and how your products or services can solve their problems.

Much like weight loss, there are a ton of articles, programs, speakers, and services that many organizations offer to help small businesses strengthen their content marketing strategies. All in all, the best content marketing strategy is one that works for you and your business that best reaches your customers. Getting to know your customers is the ultimate and the most proven content marketing strategy that is bound to work.

Toll Free Vanity Numbers. No small business should be without one. Offering a toll free vanity number to your customers is a simple and insanely cost effective way to strengthen and grow your brand. Even though it is incredibly easy for customers to look up and connect with a small business via the web or social media, it’s also incredibly easy for customers to recall a good vanity number when they see or hear one. Put the two together and you’ve really got something: an important key to your small business plan.

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