Stop Everything You’re Doing and Improve Your Small Business Communication

by: admin , March 13, 2014

Most small business owners have heard about the moment of truth. The moment of truth represents the best opportunity to convert a potential customer into a lifelong patron of your business. These critical junctures can include handling customer complaints, answering potential customer questions, and explaining the unveiling of a new product line.

Unfortunately, poor small business communication often turns the moment of truth into an unmitigated moment of disaster. But there’s a way to avoid this. If you want to compete with big box corporations, you need to think outside of the box and acquire toll free vanity numbers to enhance your small business communication.

Prompt Response Times

What happens to most of the email correspondence that you receive from customers? Do you take the time to respond to each potential customer query? You most likely do not, as you can barely keep your head above water helping customers who walk into or call your small business. Toll free vanity numbers ensure every customer who contacts you receives prompt attention.

Professional Dedication

Whenever customers call your primary small business phone number, they don’t know who to expect to answer their calls. Anyone from the owner to the busboy can be the next to answer the phone when it starts ringing. Custom toll free numbers allow you to assign one or more customer service specialists to answer the phone calls made to toll free vanity numbers. They should possess complete knowledge about your small business, and if they are unable to answer a customer’s question, then they should know where to turn for the right answer.

An Indelible Small Business Communication Impression

Strong small business communication channels, such as the ones offered by toll free vanity numbers, leave an indelible impression on both customer prospects and regular customers. A catchy vanity number enhances customer recognition and they add to your strong small business communication channels by prompting regular customers to refer your small business to friends, relatives, and professional peers. Moreover, customers trust businesses that provide easy access to information that helps them solve problems.

The Cost Effective Way to Reach Your Customers

By creating easy-to-remember vanity numbers, small businesses transform and convert potential customers into the customers. Toll free vanity numbers provide the best return on investment for your marketing dollars.

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