4 Extreme Ways to Use Vanity Toll Free Numbers

by: admin , March 20, 2014

placeitToll free vanity numbers are still the new sensation of marketing, but you may be surprised to learn that very few small business owners think outside of the box when it comes to the ways they benefit from their vanity numbers.

The most conventional use of toll free vanity numbers involves creating a catchy word that reminds customers of a particular business. For instance, 1-800-CUPCAKE reminds customers of the quick way to reach a cupcake small business. However, truly creative entrepreneurs devise extreme ways to leave an imprint of their business in the minds of regular and potential customers. The number of extreme ways you can use toll free vanity numbers for your small business is limited only by your imagination.

Here are five extreme ideas to jump-start your toll free vanity number marketing strategy.

Run Contests

One of best selling points of vanity telephone numbers is the capability to change numbers quickly, at little or no cost to you. This makes vanity numbers the perfect platform to run customer contests. For example, you can run a trivia contest that includes questions about the history of your small business and use the vanity number 1-800-HISTORY to leave an indelible impression on your customers.


Providing samples for your customers represents an excellent way to entice sales. You can implement the giveaway strategy via toll free vanity numbers that your customers call for free stuff. You can designate a day and time for customers to call, or even connect with you via their favorite social media sites, and then state which customers receives one of your free products. Make sure the vanity number associates in some way with the giveaway promotion.

Ask the Expert

Set up multiple toll free vanity numbers during a block of time on your slowest day of the week. Staff the phone lines with your most knowledgeable team members to answer questions posed by regular and potential customers. Helping potential customers solve problems paves the way for you to earn their trust. Small business owners should take the time to answer the “ask the expert” phone calls that enhance small business communication.

Scavenger Hunt

Take the concept of the scavenger hunt to another level. Instead of leaving things in obscure places, leave different vanity numbers in places that participants find by solving intricate clues. Once a participant finds a toll free vanity number, they call it to verify they have found the clue. You can run as many vanity number lines as your small business budget can afford. The first participant who finds and calls every vanity number on the hunt receives a grand prize.

These are just some creative and extreme “outside the box” ideas on how to incorporate and boost your small business vanity toll free number. Even if you don’t have time to set up a number of vanity numbers to hold a contest, you can always incorporate social media marketing into your contest channels. This will cater to both types of customers: the ones who prefer to connect with you online, and the ones who prefer to pick up the phone and dial. It’s a win-win for small businesses.

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