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Category Archives: Toll Free Numbers

One tried-and-true marketing tool to promote your business has yet to lose its power: the memorable business phone number allowing for direct, immediate customer-company contact (not to mention highly effective call marketing campaigns). That’s because phone numbers linked to meaningful words or number sequences optimize functions in the brain that help us remember who to […]

Did you know you can structure your business vanity phone number to appear to be either local or nationwide? Either way, you can still incorporate memorable words, letters or a series of numbers. Keeping your own local area code may be important if your business brands itself as catering primarily to your immediate neighborhood or […]

Throughout history, small businesses have been trying to find the most effective methods to communicate with their customers. However, even just a decade ago, technology was quite primitive compared to what is available today. Back in the day, word-of-mouth was the most effective and trustworthy form of communication. Today, everything is different, thanks primarily to […]

A business buzzword among multiple industries today is “friction,” and companies are focusing on how it can be eliminated from customer interactions. The word refers to virtually anything bound to slow down or irritate consumers in our increasingly fast-paced, technology-enabled world. And its reduction is being applied to everything from sales to e-commerce to customer […]

If your business is striving for a stronger market presence, better customer recognition and increased response rates, you could be missing out on one important tool. A vanity toll-free number establishes instant prestige among consumers and makes it easy for them to remember how to reach you. After all, studies show that when you advertise […]

As a start-up company, it’s no secret that you’re working with limited resources. Getting off the ground and building your customer base on a budget can be a tricky challenge, so before you go throwing money at big-shot marketing and design tools, consider a cheaper way of boosting your business. Several budget-friendly business tools are […]

You do a lot to increase your incoming call volume, but what happens when there’s no one there to answer the phone? Among car dealerships, the number of inbound calls is increasing but the pickup rate isn’t, according to a recent survey of 117 top car U.S. dealership conducted by CallSource. The details of the study concluded […]

For small business marketers who rely on inbound phone leads, tracking your marketing efforts can be tricky. There are so many tools available for capturing online marketing, but when it comes to call side, it’s hard to know who’s calling and from where. Even if you are able to track your calls, how does that […]

As a company conducting both face-to-face and over-the-phone interactions with clients and customers, you know the importance of hiring a skilled administrative professional. The person who sits at the front desk serves as the first impression of your company to anyone walking through your office door. The moment they enter, this person represents your entire […]

Just like your customers are researching your products and services, you’re searching for a way to grow your market presence and increase ROI. What if there were one marketing tool that could help you do it all? A vanity toll-free number creates additional channels so you can reach more customers and close more sales. Here’s […]