How Toll Free Vanity Numbers Make Your Business Famous

by: admin , March 4, 2014

Fotolia_56826648_Subscription_Monthly_MAsk someone what they strive for most in life. They want to be rich, or a rock star, but most of all…famous. Fame comes with a certain level of prestige that many wish they could experience just once. Small business owners want the same thing. They want their businesses to become famous.
Small business owners and entrepreneurs work twenty-five-hour days to devise ways to increase small business awareness. Online marketing has considerably helped level the playing field between small and large businesses, but small business owners still must develop creative ways to compete with the big boys. If you run a small business and want to break out of the crowded pack, then you should consider acquiring toll free vanity numbers for your small business.

Toll Free Vanity Numbers Get You Noticed

Toll free vanity numbers provide businesses an opportunity to best represent their small business in seven letters. For example, if you run a taxi business, then your business phone number could read 1-888-TAXI-CAB. Whenever visitors to your fair city want to call a cab, which company do you think they’ll remember first? Small businesses that associate with a mascot can incorporate the mascot’s name into a vanity telephone number.
Let’s see how a toll free vanity number can make your small business famous.

Brand Recognition

Think about the creative website domains that make companies famous. The same principle applies to toll free vanity numbers. Creative vanity numbers create a level of prestige that boosts your small business image. When customers associate your vanity number with your business name, you have become an instant star in the marketing walk of fame.

Spread the Word Like Wildfire

Your small business name spreads like wildfire when current customers pass along your toll free vanity number to friends and family. Your current customers do not pass along a string of forgettable numbers, but a highly recognizable brand name or image, such as 1-800-DENTIST.

More Responses

Name recognition can make your small business famous, but you achieve even more fame when you increase your toll free vanity number response rate. Several studies demonstrate that one of the benefits of using a toll free vanity number is increasing customer response rates between 10 and 40 percent, and that is just for potential customers.

Lights, Camera…Action!

Understanding how to make your small business famous by acquiring toll free vanity numbers is one thing. Executing a viable vanity number strategy is quite another. Small businesses should do their homework and brainstorm to determine which numeric combination works best for their brand and marketing strategy. All in all, toll free vanity numbers have helped small businesses become famous through the years. Become a star with yours today.

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