Enhanced Services

Text Enabled Toll Free
Enabled $5/month & .03 per text

Allow two-way communication over your existing Toll Free Number. Provide even more communication for your customers on a number that embodies your brand. Keep a transactional log with customers with permanent message storage.

Virtual PBX (Auto Attendant)
Enabled +$25.00

Setup Fee: $50.00/ Monthly Fee: $25.00 - Integrate your TFN with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that can contain multiple menus, greetings, and extensions. Our Customer Service department will work with you to decide on the programming that will best fit your needs, and will record or upload any custom menu greetings needed. There is no hardware to buy or software to install.

Hunt Groups
Enabled +$5.00

Setup Fee: $5.00/ Monthly Fee: $5.00 - Distribute your calls between multiple numbers using hunt groups. Choose to distribute your calls evenly amongst a group of numbers or sequentially in a specified number order. Includes an optional greeting to play to your callers before hunting begins, music on hold, and several end of hunt options.

Call Announcement
Enabled +$2.00

Setup Fee: $2.00 / Monthly Fee: $2.00 - Play a brief announcement before your calls are connected. You can customize the announcement to identify which toll free number was dialed, which ad the caller was answering or any similar kind of message you choose. This is especially helpful when using a phone that doesn't display Caller ID, or when multiple 800 numbers ring to the same phone number.

Call Recording
Enabled +$60.00

Setup Fee: Monthly Fee: Low Volume $10/month & .05 per call | High Volume $60.00, included 3,000 calls - Choose to record every call you receive, or use call recording intermittently to only capture representative samples of telephone conversations. Store your recordings online, stream, receive them via email, or even download for long term storage solutions.

VoIP Termination
Enabled +$25.00

One-Time Setup Fee: $25.00