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Category Archives: Toll Free Trends

So maybe you have great ideas for promoting your business via email blast marketing, but you’re unsure at what time of day and how frequently you should be sending the emails. Email campaign timing could be crucial, since studies show the average email user worldwide sends and receives some 225 messages daily. To cut through that morass and optimize […]

Have you ever wondered what really happens when you dial 867-5309? Made popular by Tommy Tutone’s 1980s hit, pranksters and curious people around the world continue to call this number to see just who will pick up the phone. It turns out, depending on the area code, these numbers belong to businesses and normal people […]

Spring is the time of year when various markets see a positive shift and increase in business and sales. One market sector in particular that sees a large boost in sales this time of year is the real estate market. Now that winter is over, many consumers and property owners want to get their homes […]

Every good leader understands the role of business development in order to drive top-level growth. It is an economy that demands attention to a number of sales trends that will take companies into another successful year. When it comes to bigger business for expanding companies, leaders should be repeatedly refreshing their business development strategies to […]

Accountants, tax preparers, and auditors, are you left with empty days in the months leading up to April 15th? If you need a seasonal marketing campaign for a new startup or an expanding small business, there may be some simple, low-cost solutions you can count on during tax season and year around. Equipped with some […]

Small businesses which use a toll free number as an incremental tool in their marketing strategy know the benefits of toll free numbers and how they can really work for their businesses. Toll free numbers can boost call volume, brand recognition, and maximize return on marketing investment, just to name a few. But, did you […]

Company Name: J.C.W. Properties LLC Contact Name: John Wakefield Location: Michigan Industry: Real Estate Website: http://www.jcwprops.com/ Toll Free Number: 1-866-Get-Calls Overview of Your Company: Based in Michigan – J.C.W. Properties offers home buying and selling solutions. We buy homes in any condition for “fix and flip”, fix and rent, and rent to own (lease with […]

The holidays are over, and the month of January is over. After the first of February peeks its head round the corner, businesses begin gearing up for Valentine’s Day to cure the winter blues. While a great deal of retailers see an increase in business and sales around Valentine’s Day, these top five retailers are […]

While December 31st is known nationwide as New Year’s Eve, for small business owners and entrepreneurs it is also known as “No Interruptions Day”. While many would see it as unfortunate to be working in between Christmas and New Years, small business owners see it as the last opportunity to get work done before the […]