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Category Archives: Management

Before your business embarks on a marketing plan, you need to zero in on its unique selling proposition — the factor that helps it stand out from most of its competition. Taking time to identify exactly how you want to be different (and what you wish to be known for) allows you to structure your […]

If you’re the owner of a small business, it should come as no news to you that such entrepreneurs are subject to a lot of stress. Being in charge of all your own business decisions can, of course, be rewarding, exciting and profitable. But researchshows the time and dedication involved can also lead to burnout, with […]

Recently, Custom Toll Free was contacted by ClickTime.com an online timesheet management tool with a great article they were willing to share on how to create a keyword list.  After reviewing the excellent step by step write-up on creating the best keyword list (that actually works), we were thrilled to be able to share the […]

In an environment in which businesses compete neck and neck to build relationships with customers, providing excellent customer service is absolutely crucial. Research backs that up. In a recent survey of B2B companies, 43 percent rated customer experience as more important to their business strategies than products or price, and study authors expect that percentage to hit […]

Allotting your work time as a small business owner can be a challenge unto itself. The good news is that there’s no one telling you what to do from hour to hour. The bad news is that there’s no one keeping you on track, protecting you from diversions and making sure you’re not wasting time […]

A business buzzword among multiple industries today is “friction,” and companies are focusing on how it can be eliminated from customer interactions. The word refers to virtually anything bound to slow down or irritate consumers in our increasingly fast-paced, technology-enabled world. And its reduction is being applied to everything from sales to e-commerce to customer […]

It’s no secret running a small business can take an enormous amount of hard work, energy and fortitude. The down times can even be somewhat soul crushing. But successful entrepreneurs are able to overcome all that and focus on the positive without the negative aspects becoming too debilitating. Recent research draws strong links between the ability to […]

If you’ve already launched your small business and all seems to be going well, you might assume you’re on the right track. But research shows the longevity of small businesses can be tracked to factors that go far beyond simply having the right products or services. Improve your odds of success by considering whether you’re […]