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Category Archives: Branding

Before your business embarks on a marketing plan, you need to zero in on its unique selling proposition — the factor that helps it stand out from most of its competition. Taking time to identify exactly how you want to be different (and what you wish to be known for) allows you to structure your […]

Effective branding is a common goal for many businesses, and for good reason. Creating positive brand elements in consumers’ minds can pay off in terms of how your company is perceived and remembered — establishing credibility (or not) and ultimately determining whether they choose to buy from you. And you need to understand that your […]

If you’re trying to establish a recognizable brand for your business, strategic use of social media can be a good way to go about it. That’s especially true for small businesses with modest marketing budgets. Your social media branding campaign can be simple or extravagant depending on the extent of your resources, but either way, […]

The only thing constant is change, and there’s a good chance a number of factors — anything from the economy to design trends to added services to a shift in your product line — have led you to see that original branding has become obsolete, and that it may be time for a rebrand. If […]

Many companies, especially small businesses, treat branding like an afterthought. Yet that element of marketing can hugely impact how your products are perceived — and whether you’re thought of first when customers seek out such products. “Think about how many times you see the Nike swoosh in a month or a Pepsi or Coca-Cola logo,” […]

If you’re a business professional, you’re likely familiar with the strategy that goes into finessing consumer perceptions through product marketing. You may be less acquainted with the concept of applying similar strategies to your personal brand. But such strategies can be particularly effective when you act as the “face” of your company or your persona […]

With the constant changes in technology and the marketing industry, it seems like various marketing tools go in and out of style quickly. But certain tools continue to stand the test of time, bringing success to companies over and over again. Let’s take a look at some of these tools and explore why they’ve been […]

If your business is striving for a stronger market presence, better customer recognition and increased response rates, you could be missing out on one important tool. A vanity toll-free number establishes instant prestige among consumers and makes it easy for them to remember how to reach you. After all, studies show that when you advertise […]

As a start-up company, it’s no secret that you’re working with limited resources. Getting off the ground and building your customer base on a budget can be a tricky challenge, so before you go throwing money at big-shot marketing and design tools, consider a cheaper way of boosting your business. Several budget-friendly business tools are […]

You recently moved into a brand new house. It was custom built just for you and you were a part of the entire process from the original design to choosing paint colors. But now that you’ve moved in, the work isn’t over. You’ll have to keep up with maintenance, cleaning and all of the other […]