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Category Archives: Advertising

One tried-and-true marketing tool to promote your business has yet to lose its power: the memorable business phone number allowing for direct, immediate customer-company contact (not to mention highly effective call marketing campaigns). That’s because phone numbers linked to meaningful words or number sequences optimize functions in the brain that help us remember who to […]

When you’re crafting the copy of an ad or promotional email, the call-to-action portion may be more important than you think. After all, the CTA is the part of the narrative that gets to the point of whatever you’re trying to accomplish. It’s the bottom line, the crux of the matter, the heralding of trumpets […]

Back in the day, salespeople across industries wore themselves out cold-calling customers who had little to no interest in their products or companies. Fortunately, the advantages of digital marketing (combined with customer disgust over in-your-face sales tactics) have changed all that, and now companies are getting much more bang for their buck through inbound marketing. […]

Since it first became an option in 1994, digital advertising has evolved to the point it can effectively target most any audience you choose. Not only that, but working in the digital realm has become easy, quickly adaptable and cost effective. It negates the need for long-term contracts, monitors its own success, and allows you […]

Small businesses are not usually known for their expansive advertising budgets. The problem is, however, that they must advertise to get people in their doors spending money, which can create a kind of chicken-or-the-egg scenario. Aside from attracting clientele and driving sales, a solid ad campaign can help establish and maintain your business identity, build […]

As a start-up company, it’s no secret that you’re working with limited resources. Getting off the ground and building your customer base on a budget can be a tricky challenge, so before you go throwing money at big-shot marketing and design tools, consider a cheaper way of boosting your business. Several budget-friendly business tools are […]

Companies today are spending a larger portion of their marketing budget on online advertising, taking advantage of social media and the increasing number of internet users. From content marketing to email marketing campaigns, brands have found numerous ways to reach consumers and spread their messages across the web. While these efforts are worth making, it’s important that […]