Can You Hear Me Now? How Entrepreneurs Can “Be Heard”

by: admin , March 7, 2014

Entrepreneurs face an uphill battle when it comes to besting their larger rivals. They typically run small businesses that do not have the resources to surge ahead of large corporations. This is just one reason why today has been become known as “Be Heard” day. This is a chance for entrepreneurs to stand up, shout it out, and be heard to increase overall awareness.
But how can small businesses accomplish this when they already operate under tight marketing budgets? Here are some ways small businesses and entrepreneurs can “be heard”.

Leverage Online Marketing

Small business owners have several options for implementing online marketing strategies. They can run content marketing campaigns, upload instructional videos to YouTube, and implement tried and true email marketing strategies. The best way for entrepreneurs to get noticed online involves developing a cogent social media marketing plan.

Shout it out!

Small business owners who find it tough to compete against big box retailers can find their voice and shout out their small businesses on everyone’s favorite day of the week: Friday. The innovative idea celebrates local business owners by giving them the opportunity to promote their entrepreneurial spirit via low-cost, high-tech social media. “Be Heard” day helps small businesses facilitate social media marketing ideas that boost brand awareness, without breaking the bank in the process. And what better day of the week than Friday?

Something Different

Entrepreneurs typically possess personalities that enjoy the eccentric things that life offers. “Be Heard” day allows entrepreneurs to tap into their quirky sides and find creative, unique ways to get noticed, all while increasing overall small business awareness and tying their marketing strategies together.

Now, for Something More Mainstream

One way to cut in front of the competitive line is by acquiring toll free vanity numbers that conveniently connect small business owners with their loyal customers, as well as with customer prospects who just need a little nudging to get them to take action.
Entrepreneurs need to balance the urge to think outside of the box with practical small business marketing strategies that attract new customers. Toll free vanity numbers offer small business owners the opportunity to broaden the scope of their brand through the acquisition of catchy phone numbers that customers immediately recognize. Customer recognition morphs into word of mouth advertising that keeps your toll free vanity numbers buzzing throughout the day. What better way can small businesses “be heard” than through a phone call?

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