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What Is A Vanity Number?

Toll free vanity numbers begin with 800, 888, 877, 866 or 855 and spell out useful words such as 800-Dentist, 800-Flowers, or 800-Collect. A vanity number can also be an easily recalled number combination such as 877-444-4000, or 800-490-Diva. Studies have shown that using the right toll free vanity number can increase response to your advertising campaign by up to 300% and increase sales from 20-200%.

Toll Free Vanity Numbers Bring You Leads!

90% of the television commercials during the Super Bowl that included a toll free number were vanity numbers. Television commercials that do not include a toll free vanity number lose a significant amount of lead potential by requiring prospects to remember a series of unrelated mostly random digits. Sure, some will still get through by sheer determination, but not nearly as many as you’d get with a memorable word or phrase.

Numeric Numbers as Vanity Numbers

Numeric numbers don’t have the same memorability as toll free vanity numbers although some people prefer them because they are easy to dial. Numeric numbers are especially good in certain circumstance including:

  • Foreign language audiences where the audience might cover several languages, but the numeric system is the same.
  • Call centers that change clients repeatedly. Unless your customers are all in the same business, a toll free vanity number won’t apply to all of them. For this reason, blocks of easy to remember numeric numbers would be more valuable to your clients.

Vanity Numbers Boost Your Brand

Brand advertising is about creating a consistent impression with your potential customers. Consistent repetition is the key to creating a lasting connection. Using a Vanity Number as part of your brand advertising strategy shortens the process and makes your advertising more memorable. Choosing a toll free vanity number that compliments your web domain is a powerful combination that will help build a lasting impression with your customers.

How Will a Toll Free Vanity Number Help Me?

Most people are aware of the term ‘Vanity’ as it relates to license plates. How many times have you tried to unscramble someone’s creatively scrambled letters on their plate while waiting in traffic? Toll free vanity numbers are just the same!. Only when it relates to your business, vanity is not your main concern. It’s Branding. A good vanity toll free number not only gives your customer a free method of communication, it makes a lasting impression. Toll free vanity number name recognition makes your company more identifiable than that of your competitors. When a customer identifies with your toll free telephone number, your firm has a dominant edge in your market sector.

  • Stronger Market Presence – A good vanity number makes you look larger and more established and creates an image of a good more significant brick and mortar business, which has proven to be a real advantage in online marketing.
  • Boost Your Brand – Just like a good domain name, a good vanity number creates instant prestige. This is probably more true of 1-800 vanity numbers because of the amount of advertising that’s been done by large companies over the years.
  • Customer Recognition – A good vanity number is one of the few things you can do to increase word-of-mouth and customer referral marketing as well as repeat customers. That’s because a vanity number makes it easier for customers to remember how to reach you for repeat orders and to tell someone else how to reach you.
  • Builds Credibility with Customers – Consumers trust companies that are more accessible. They feel more comfortable knowing they can pick up the phone and talk to someone real. A good vanity number creates a much stronger image in the mind of your potential customer.
  • Owner Profitability – Stronger public recognition increases your company’s net worth. An established vanity number is a good negotiating tool when negotiating acquisitions.
  • Maximize Advertising ROI – Toll Free vanity numbers provide additional channels to reach more customers and close more sales.
  • Increased Response Rates – Any significant amount of advertising using a good number can easily increase your response rate by typically 12 to 42 percent and sometimes more.

Custom Toll Free Can Locate The Vanity Number You Want

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