Veterans and Small Business Heroes Reach for the Stars

by: admin , November 11, 2014

Military thank you with dog tagsNovember 11th represents one of the most sacred days for Americans next to Memorial Day. It is a day when we honor the men and women who made incredible sacrifices to preserve the freedom defining concepts of justice and liberty.

Today, small businesses throughout the United States plan to honor their small business heroes by running special promotions from free breakfasts to complimentary stays at local hotels. The question is not whether small businesses plan to honor our veterans, but how small business heroes strive to emulate our nations’ heroes.


Small business owners and American veterans share several traits, with unbridled dedication landing near the top of the list. Veterans demonstrated unwavering dedication not only to their country, but also to their fellow soldiers and company commanders. Small business owners must also dedicate their lives and make sacrifices in the pursuit of their lifetime dreams.


Veterans developed the type of discipline required to operate as cohesive units. They followed directions provided by more experienced members of their outfits and then passed along the same directions to less experienced members of their teams. Small business owners must possess the discipline to set clear goals, create action plans to achieve the goals, and develop ways to measure the success of their action plans.


Members of the United States military do not cower when the going gets tough. American veterans separated themselves by bouncing back from setbacks and embracing challenges and danger. Instead of retreat, American veterans charged full steam ahead to complete their missions. Small business owners honor the spirit of veteran resiliency by never giving up hope for achieving their small business dreams. Both veterans and small business owners know how to conquer their fears.


Talk to any veteran of the United States military today and you can only marvel at the passion they exude about their devotion to country. That high level of passion is what small business owners must have to run successful businesses. The passion stems from the meaningful purpose of protecting American citizens from foreign threats. Small business owners exude the same type of passion that creates a meaningful purpose for the team of small business employees. Veterans and small business owners promote strong spirits.

Reach for the Stars

American veterans promote the attitude of reaching for the stars. The mindset of “There is nothing I cannot do” distinguishes American veterans from veterans of other countries. Small business owners pay homage to their small business heroes by exhibiting the same reaching for the stars mindset. They set lofty, achievable goals that push them and their teams to achieve thriving success.

Thank a Veteran Today

American veterans and small business owners share many of the same attributes, which is why many veterans transition into public life by starting their own enterprises. Remember that when you thank a veteran on November 11th.


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