Information Overload: 5 Fool Proof Ways to Master Your Email

by: admin , March 6, 2014

Can you guess about how much time you spend on email each day? A couple hours? Half the day? We spend more time on email this day and age than ever before. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. But the way we view and read our email is changing. In fact, 35% of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals read and respond to their email via a mobile device. Those small business owners that have the time for email, that is. But email is getting sort of out of control, isn’t it? What if there was a fool proof plan to master your email?
Small business owners have little time to spend answering email queries from potential and regular customers. Yet answering customer email comprises one of the most important facets of your responsibilities. Potential and loyal patrons of your business expect prompt responses to their email messages and you need to spend the time daily to perform vital email communication and customer service. To crunch your time even more, the email response general rule is to answer customer and potential customer queries within twenty-four hours. For the small business owners who have hundreds of unread emails from customers in their inbox, this could give them a heart attack.
But just when you thought you would never ever clear your inbox, there’s hope yet. One of the ways you can master your small business email in 2014 involves setting up toll free vanity numbers to reduce the volume of email correspondence. Here are four other strategies that should make you the master of your email domain.

Spam It

Eliminate junk email by setting up a spam inbox that allows you to press the delete key and not spend your focus on correspondence that features Russian brides. You immediately free up more time when you designate what types of email belong in your spam box.

Adhere to an Email Schedule

Small business owners should designate specific times during the day to check email. By adhering to a regular email schedule, you ensure that no customer email communication goes unnoticed. Check your inbox in the morning and before lunch, or even during lunch. Then, let a few hours lapse after lunch and then check again. Review emails before you close up for the day and finally, check one more time as the last thing you do at night.

Be on the Alert

Mastering your emails involves subscribing to email technology that alerts you whenever you receive a message. You can specify alerts for different types of emails and even dictate which customers becomes part of your alert system. Email alerts work especially well on mobile devices that you carry around during your hectic workday or when you are on-the-go.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Many small business owners try to do everything possible for their small businesses. However, we can never be in two places at once. Since responding to customer emails represents customer service, delegate the customer service responsibility to a member of your small business team. Any customer or vendor that needs to reach out to you directly can do so through a trusted small business associate.

What Better Way to Reduce Email Correspondence than With a Toll Free Number?

The best strategy for mastering email correspondence is to reduce the number of emails in your small business inbox. Toll free vanity numbers provide the perfect outlet for you to answer customer queries and take product orders in real time. Personal and powerful vanity numbers that customers remember represent one of the best and most inexpensive marketing tools available to your small business. Your customers receive prompt and courteous service, and your small business gains more customers through word of mouth advertising.

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