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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Small Business Growth, Small Business Success, Toll Free Vanity Number, Vanity NumbersIt’s New Years Eve! What are your small business plans for 2014? Do they include maximizing business opportunities by using a toll free vanity number? If not, they should. 2014 promises small business success, for those businesses that reach for growth and opportunities. Reach for yours with a toll free number.

In fact, countless businesses and services utilize vanity numbers to make it easier for callers to remember their phone number. Still not convinced? Numerous studies concur that vanity numbers are a great addition to a business because they can help increase brand recognition, increase callbacks, and even help aid in material advertising.

Before you get yours, review these four elements.

Small Business Growth, Toll Free Number, 2014 New YearNow that the holidays are over for yet another year, we look around us to survey the damage. The New Year is now around the corner and in less than a week, it will be back to reality and 2014 will be officially upon us. So what does 2014 mean for small businesses?

According to Inc magazine, 2014 promises huge success for small businesses. The sky is the limit for businesses in the upcoming new year. It will be all about opportunity and huge growth potential. In a recent survey of a number of top CEOs and businesses, 37 percent claimed their business was a success, and even 45 percent claimed their business was good and stable. This is a large percentage for a number of businesses in a country that is still on the outskirts of one of the most crippling recessions in history.

Small Business, Marketing Strategy, Customer Support, Solve Problems, Toll Free NumbersMarketing is a broad term, but its meaning is very simple. Marketing is all about awareness and solutions. Regardless of whether you are marketing tangible goods or professional services, marketing should provide a solution to customer problems.

Here is what you can do to effectively address customer concerns in your marketing strategy.

So what are the problems that you can solve?

This is the question that every small business owner should be able to answer. First things first: If you don’t know your customers’ problems, then how can you build an effective marketing strategy? And secondly, if you don’t know how to address customer problems, then you won’t earn their trust.

Mill Creek, WA (PRWEB) December 22, 2013 Custom Toll FreeĀ® Offers Business Owners a New Marketing Tool to Increase Sales Custom Toll FreeĀ® this week announced to business owners and expanding entrepreneurs the opportunity to secure an 844 toll free number, just in time for last-minute holiday sales. This release of the next-in-series 800 numbers […]

Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Content Marketing, Toll Free Vanity Numbers, Toll Free BenefitsHere we are with less than two weeks to go before the end of the year. While most of us are probably caught up with the holidays, shopping, wrapping, making travel arrangements, and planning parties and get-togethers in your personal lives, and getting ready to close out the books and finalize the last few “housekeeping” items as entrepreneurs, you probably haven’t taken too much time to think about the new year and what it may mean for you as a entrepreneur and for your small business.

If you’ve already got your 2014 goals underway, great. You’re ahead of the game and you’re ready to ring in the new year. But if you are an entrepreneur who might need a little work on this, here are some 2014 goals to consider for your small business.

Small Business, Toll Free NumbersRetail trends are changing fast. Brands that get it are rocketing to the top fast while the biggest and oldest are suffering if they refuse to change.

So what’s changing, what are consumers demanding now, and how has one of the nation’s fastest growing new home builders managed to get way ahead of the curve using toll free numbers?

The “Democratization of Retail”

Last week a chief executive at Shopify told Fox Small Business about a new revolution in the retail industry and forecast the continuing emergence of three critical tends. Shopify, which just received $100M in additional funding and has been credited with powering amazing brands like Tesla and CrossFit, ought to know a thing or two about shopping. The firm’s Chief Platform Officer names three popular trends:

1.    Buying from the little guy online

844 Numbers, 844 Toll Free Number, Small Business, Get an 844 NumberIf you did not already secure your 844 toll free number for your small business, there is still plenty of time to get the number you want. Here are a few things that you can still do to grab your desired number before it’s gone for good. Follow these helpful tips to secure your 844 toll free number today.

Choose a Number: Now that new 844 toll free number combinations are live, you can finally search for them using popular online and free 800 vanity search tools. Be sure that you take your time when brainstorming combinations and searching to find one that fits your business and brand best.

844 toll free number, 844 numbersThe official 844 toll free number release has already come and gone. Several million new vanity number combinations were unveiled on December 7th. These new 844 numbers have been available just under a week and they are already going like wildfire.

Now that there are millions of number combinations that can be used, what can they offer for your small business?

Here are three secret perks to getting an 844 toll free number:

Business, Business Communication, Toll Free NumbersCommunication is a simple word to many, but it is one of the most important aspects in any relationship. Whether it is family, friendship, an intimate relationship or marriage, and, yes, even in business, communication is key. In fact, business communication is even more important in business, especially when working with clients and team members from different cultures and from different parts of the world.

If you want to improve business communication with your clients, what are the important things that you should know about it?

Understanding Gestures, Mannerisms, and Cultural Backgrounds

844 toll free numberThe FCC officially released the long awaited and much anticipated 844 toll free number on December 7th, 2013. This is the first time since 2010 that a new prefix has been released. As far as when the next prefix will be released, well, that’s anybody’s guess. If you just got the news and are a latecomer to the release party, there’s still a chance for you to get your new 844 number, and here’s why.

There are millions of 844 numbers still available.

You did not read that wrong. This means that you still have a good shot at securing the perfect that represents your business. But there is no time like the present, of course.