Improving Small Business Awareness By Solving Problems

by: 00juno , December 24, 2013

Small Business, Marketing Strategy, Customer Support, Solve Problems, Toll Free NumbersMarketing is a broad term, but its meaning is very simple. Marketing is all about awareness and solutions. Regardless of whether you are marketing tangible goods or professional services, marketing should provide a solution to customer problems.

Here is what you can do to effectively address customer concerns in your marketing strategy.

So what are the problems that you can solve?

This is the question that every small business owner should be able to answer. First things first: If you don’t know your customers’ problems, then how can you build an effective marketing strategy? And secondly, if you don’t know how to address customer problems, then you won’t earn their trust.

For example, if a customer is looking for a place to buy gifts, then your ecommerce site or retail store should offer gifts for various occasions, holidays, and for all ages. If your customers need help with home cleaning or pet sitting or walking, your service should provide home cleaning services or pet sitting, walking, or grooming services. If this is you, then you have successfully solved your customers’ problems.

All in all, your services should be clear, and your marketing strategy should confirm this. People want to know whom they are hiring and what they are getting. The next time you are in a store looking for an item or a particular brand, or the next time you are doing something around the house, or you need another type of professional service, ask yourself what you would need or how you would need help accomplishing what you need to. Then, turn it around and put yourself in the perspective of your own customers. What problems are you trying to solve? If you are able to provide solutions, then customers will become loyal to your brand.

Who is your target market?

Understanding your target market is the same as recognizing the problems you attempt to solve. If you know your target market, you will easily know what solutions to provide. Knowledge is power. This power will also enable you to obtain feedback on your products and services and make improvement and adjustments over time, if necessary.

Your brand can also expand over time to offer additional products or services that may also expand your target market and solve a number of additional problems. For example, let’s say your professional service and business is to sell technical devices. In addition to selling tech devices, you can also sell accessories, or perhaps even offer a troubleshooting or repair service for those accidents that all customers know too well.

Call to Action

In the end, a call to action ties everything together. If customers make a purchase or sign up for your service on your website, have them sign up also to receive your newsletter, or request a free quote or consultation, or follow or connect with you on your social media platforms. If your call-to-actions are a success, then this means that your marketing strategy is an overall success, and that you have reached your target market. Effective calls-to-action converts a user or visitor into a customer.

Toll Free Number

One effective way to solve customer problems is to solve them physically by opening up the doors of communication and to close the gap between business and consumer. This is by offering a toll free number. A toll free number gives customers the option to call your hotline and receive ongoing support, answers to their questions, and the ability to speak to a live representative who will listen to their problems, at no cost to the caller at all.

Regardless of whether you are offering a professional service or product, all of these factors are essential for your small business success. It is essential for your business to recognize and address customer needs and solve their problems. If you provide something that a customer needs, then you will no doubt reap the benefits of success.


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