Put the 4 in 2014 with a New Vanity Number

by: Custom Toll Free , December 31, 2013

Small Business Growth, Small Business Success, Toll Free Vanity Number, Vanity NumbersIt’s New Years Eve! What are your small business plans for 2014? Do they include maximizing business opportunities by using a toll free vanity number? If not, they should. 2014 promises small business success, for those businesses that reach for growth and opportunities. Reach for yours with a toll free number.

In fact, countless businesses and services utilize vanity numbers to make it easier for callers to remember their phone number. Still not convinced? Numerous studies concur that vanity numbers are a great addition to a business because they can help increase brand recognition, increase callbacks, and even help aid in material advertising.

Before you get yours, review these four elements.

1.    Availability: Toll free numbers are still hot commodities. Therefore, availability can sometimes be a challenge. For business owners looking to acquire a vanity number, your best bet is to consider acquiring a new with the new 844 toll free prefix, which was just released in December 2013. This way the chances of securing a toll free vanity number with your desired spelling will be much greater.

2.    Online Research: In order to avoid unnecessary frustration, do your homework first to ensure your desired vanity number is in fact available. You can do this easily and for free by utilizing Custom Toll Free’s vanity number lookup tool. Don’t know where to start? You can also check out Custom Toll Free’s Numspell Tool, which allows you to play around with various number spellings and combinations to see which works best for your business.

3.    Securing Your Brand: The primary goal and driving force behind acquiring a vanity number is to secure your namesake and brand in a phone number. Didn’t think that was possible? In fact, some of the biggest names in business, such as Apple and Home Depot, all use toll free vanity numbers for their services including customer support. Most of these top names in business feature a toll free number on their websites.

4.    Implementation: So you’ve acquired your new vanity number. Congratulations! But now what? It’s time to put it into action. Your new vanity number should appear anywhere with your business name for optimum brand association. Don’t forget to:

·      Update your business cards

·      Update your website and social media

·      Update your letterhead

·      Update your signage

·      Update your ads

Start the New Year off right with a toll free number. What have you got to lose? Nothing. Toll free vanity numbers only provide positive results. With a toll free vanity number, your small business can’t lose.


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