Custom Toll Free Announces New 844 Numbers for Business Success

by: Philip Howley , December 22, 2013

Mill Creek, WA (PRWEB) December 22, 2013

Custom Toll Free® Offers Business Owners a New Marketing Tool to Increase Sales

Custom Toll Free® this week announced to business owners and expanding entrepreneurs the opportunity to secure an 844 toll free number, just in time for last-minute holiday sales. This release of the next-in-series 800 numbers is a long-awaited solution for new business owners, as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has not offered a new toll free prefix for over two years. Since the FCC has only offered five previous 800 number prefixes, the 844 toll free number is a breakthrough and huge opportunity for new startups.

For Custom Toll Free, this news could not have been released at a better time. With a vanity toll free 844 number, businesses instantly have the ability to generate 30% to 40% more orders just in time for the holidays. With this news, companies can prepare for an expected increase in online sales, particularly through mobile platforms, by offering their customers easy shopping, extreme customer service and support, and efficient merchandise returns, at no-cost-calling for the customer.

Custom Toll Free® provides both online and storefront businesses with reinforced solutions for promoting products, gaining new customers, and improving customer satisfaction. Businesses can finally complement their brand by establishing a vanity toll free 844 number that uses the same creative content as their domain names. For example, businesses and shoppers alike will love these types of toll free calling options:

  • 844-4-WEBDESIGN

With the high demand for toll free calling due to mobile and social technologies driving consumers, startup companies have excellent early opportunities to get their businesses off the ground running. Data has already shown that 90% of the world uses toll free calling. There are over 1.2 billion consumers accessing the web from mobile devices where these numbers display well.

The worldwide addition of an 844 prefix for toll free calling will allow businesses the opportunity to not only boost their branding but promote both storefront and online business during one of the highest sales peaks of the year. By establishing online presence using Custom Toll Free’s calling services, companies across the world have the chance to increase sales and improve traffic. Custom Toll Free® is now better prepared than ever to meet small and enterprise level demands for reliable customer service and superb customer support.


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