3 Hidden Benefits of the New 844 Toll Free Number

by: 00juno , December 13, 2013

844 toll free number, 844 numbersThe official 844 toll free number release has already come and gone. Several million new vanity number combinations were unveiled on December 7th. These new 844 numbers have been available just under a week and they are already going like wildfire.

Now that there are millions of number combinations that can be used, what can they offer for your small business?

Here are three secret perks to getting an 844 toll free number:

1.    Branding: Up until these numbers were released, branding was more difficult because businesses were forced to be more creative in finding a number combination that worked with their branding. This meant often resorting to odd combinations or stretching branding relevancy. Now, with more numbers available, businesses have the opportunity to secure their desired combination that perfectly ties to their business and brand.

2.    Influential: Imagine what a number that spells out your business name, motto, slogan or offerings can do for your business? The 844 prefix enables you to grab that up right now, and better influence your prospective and existing customers coupled with a convenient and easy to recall vanity number they will instantly associate with your business.

3.    Attractive: Most media advertisements these days contain a vanity number. A number of studies have shown that vanity numbers successfully increase the callback ratio of ad viewers and listeners. With a vanity number that works for your business in place, it can also recompense in the form of more effective marketing campaigns.

As expected, the new 844 toll free prefix is a hot item. If you are a small business and you are even considering a toll free number, don’t wait to jump on your hunch. Toll free numbers are no doubt the missing link between you and your customers, as well as your branding and marketing state.

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