2014 Means Small Business Growth

by: Custom Toll Free , December 26, 2013

Small Business Growth, Toll Free Number, 2014 New YearNow that the holidays are over for yet another year, we look around us to survey the damage. The New Year is now around the corner and in less than a week, it will be back to reality and 2014 will be officially upon us. So what does 2014 mean for small businesses?

According to Inc magazine, 2014 promises huge success for small businesses. The sky is the limit for businesses in the upcoming new year. It will be all about opportunity and huge growth potential. In a recent survey of a number of top CEOs and businesses, 37 percent claimed their business was a success, and even 45 percent claimed their business was good and stable. This is a large percentage for a number of businesses in a country that is still on the outskirts of one of the most crippling recessions in history.

So what does this mean for your small business? A chance to stand out! The fact is that the growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses that have jumped out of the woodwork in the last five to seven years are still succeeding. Although most small businesses fail within the first five years, a number of them—as we saw from the numbers above—are doing very well and are successful.

So all those risks we talked about before about running a small business? Sure, those risks are always still a reality, but the majority of businesses are succeeding. Yours can too! Of course, you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and small business owner for 2014, but do you have all the necessary tools for small business success?

One important small business tool no business should be without in 2014 is a toll free number. Toll free numbers are the key behind successful branding, customer retention, and small business awareness. They enhance small business awareness, increase callback ratios, maximize return on investments, and even close the communication gap between small businesses and customers.

All in all, small businesses shouldn’t wait to get a jump on 2014 and reach for opportunity and success. Don’t go any longer without a toll free number. A toll free number works with your small business and enables you to reach your customers. Make sure your small business is one of the numbers that is succeeding this year.


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