What Entrepreneurs Should Be Doing Now to Gear Up for 2014

by: Custom Toll Free , December 19, 2013

Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Content Marketing, Toll Free Vanity Numbers, Toll Free BenefitsHere we are with less than two weeks to go before the end of the year. While most of us are probably caught up with the holidays, shopping, wrapping, making travel arrangements, and planning parties and get-togethers in your personal lives, and getting ready to close out the books and finalize the last few “housekeeping” items as entrepreneurs, you probably haven’t taken too much time to think about the new year and what it may mean for you as a entrepreneur and for your small business.

If you’ve already got your 2014 goals underway, great. You’re ahead of the game and you’re ready to ring in the new year. But if you are an entrepreneur who might need a little work on this, here are some 2014 goals to consider for your small business.

B2B Content Marketing. You think there was a big push this year for content marketing? Just wait…2014 really pushes content marketing into full gear. According to a recent report published by the Content Marketing Institute, 44% of entrepreneurs and small businesses in North America have a documented content marketing strategy plan in place, and approximately 73% of those businesses have a project manager overseeing the content strategy. Is your small business ready? Are you ready?

It’s Still All About Personalization. So now that you are beginning to think about your content marketing strategy (meaning the one you are going to have put in place in 2014, right?), remember that it’s still all about personalization. How can you convert your content marketing tactics so that they are more personalized to your customers? Engage them as well as your audience via social media networks.

Social media is still a highly effective medium for reaching out to your customers, keeping them engaged, and interacting with them. This tactic isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so you can begin thinking of better ways you can personalize your efforts for your customers.

Power Tools. And lastly, don’t forget about your brand. The way you get your name out there and in the hands and faces of customers is by incorporating these three interrelated concepts: 1) Content marketing, 2) Personalizing and interacting through social media, and 3) boosting your communication and your brand. You can tie all three of these items together with a toll free number.

When a customer or fan member visits your website or one of your social media pages, they should see your business name, they should easily pick up on your tone and voice (which you have established through your content marketing plan), and see your brand, coupled with a toll free number. Immediately they see who you are, what you are, and how to contact you. Now that’s power.

In summary, if you are an entrepreneur and you aren’t sure how to approach 2014, or haven’t had the chance to give it much thought, start by brainstorming on these three items. How can you tie these three things together? Start by asking yourself the following questions: What things do you want to convey to your audience? How can you educate them on your products or services or your industry? What is your tone or voice? How can you personalize what you want to say? How can you leverage social media to accomplish this? And, finally, what is the best way to boost your brand? Combine all three of these with a high-powered toll free vanity number.

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