Fast Company: How One New Home Builder is Leading an Industry With Toll Free Numbers

by: 00juno , December 17, 2013

Small Business, Toll Free NumbersRetail trends are changing fast. Brands that get it are rocketing to the top fast while the biggest and oldest are suffering if they refuse to change.

So what’s changing, what are consumers demanding now, and how has one of the nation’s fastest growing new home builders managed to get way ahead of the curve using toll free numbers?

The “Democratization of Retail”

Last week a chief executive at Shopify told Fox Small Business about a new revolution in the retail industry and forecast the continuing emergence of three critical tends. Shopify, which just received $100M in additional funding and has been credited with powering amazing brands like Tesla and CrossFit, ought to know a thing or two about shopping. The firm’s Chief Platform Officer names three popular trends:

1.    Buying from the little guy online

2.    Boundaries between offline and online shopping are disappearing

3.    It’s all about the consumer and how they like to shop (individually)

Named to the Houston Fast 100 and Builder Magazine Builder 100, LGI Homes was fast to commit to these popular trends, which has not only enabled them to survive some of the toughest years our country has ever seen, but helped elevate the company to being the 32nd largest in the U.S. and one of the best positioned for the future.

LGI Homes has not only built in sustainable and energy efficient features into its properties, but has emerged as one of the leaders in affordable new homes. In fact, it may be one of the only real estate firms which still offer no down payment options for home buyers.

Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

However, there are some other critical business trends which small business owners simply can’t afford to ignore either. They are happening. The sun is shining on the brands that are embracing them. Conversely, those that refuse to and choose to hit the snooze button are only guaranteeing their failure.

A recent report on the new real estate rebound by the Wall Street Journal concluded in a quote by one industry executive that there has been a “big wakeup call”. This is a wakeup call to creating a more affordable product and embracing more sustainable business strategies.

The Only Thing You Need to Dominate Your Industry…

However, there is one thing that brings this all together, and has been responsible for major shake ups in several industries recently. T-Mobile in the telecom industry, Chase and Capital One in banking, and the Kindle Fire from Amazon have recently turned their markets on their heads by transforming customer service standards.

LGI Homes did this too by leveraging toll free numbers. The new home builder didn’t just secure one toll free number for real estate operations, but has an arsenal of 800, 888, 866 and 855 numbers which enable consumers to get right through to local experts that are most qualified to provide real help.

In conclusion, no matter what industry you are in it is critical to stay on top of these trends, commit to great customer service, and begin giving consumers more of what is really important to them, at least if you want your business to survive and thrive.


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