4 Ways a Vanity Number Will Optimize Your Business

Hang on to these pre-tech strategies, including a time-tested vanity number, and you can optimize your business easier and faster
by: Custom Toll Free , January 3, 2017

Throughout history, small businesses have been trying to find the most effective methods to communicate with their customers. However, even just a decade ago, technology was quite primitive compared to what is available today. Back in the day, word-of-mouth was the most effective and trustworthy form of communication.

Today, everything is different, thanks primarily to the advancement of communication technology. The positive side of technology is that today small businesses can communicate, and get their brands in front of customers easier than ever before.

The downside is that even with print materials such as brochures, mailers, and business cards, and social media at our finger tips, small business owners are still finding themselves burnt out from trying to keep up with and even staying on top of advertising, and maintaining their competitive edge. But…there is a light at the end of the tunnel: a toll free vanity number.

Now for the good news. Hang on to these pre-tech strategies, including a time-tested vanity number, and you can optimize your business easier and faster:

1. Become available and accessible.

Even in our digital age, phone lines and cell towers are everywhere, making phone calls cheap, easy, and efficient. All it takes placing a phone number on a website, enabling the click-to-call option, which allows users to easily click on your toll free number with their “smart” device. Giving your customers an easy way to contact you not only makes their lives easier, it also makes yours easier.

2. Manage customer service spending.

Take advantage of Custom Toll Free’s enhanced services packages that will help you manage and control your toll free number spending. You will know who is calling you, why, when, from where, and be able to track every single cent spent, and every dollar generated on your incoming calls.

3. Take off some of the pressure.

A small business can affordably establish a toll free number and engage the customer directly and immediately by responding to customer needs as they arise. A toll free number not only builds trust, it also builds consumer confidence. A toll free number automatically does that for you. There is less pressure on you to get each and every customer to trust you and your business. When customers see the magic words “Toll Free Number” or recognize an easily identifiable toll free number, they are more apt to taking that first step and contact you.

4. Stop stressing about lost business.

Are you stressing about losing business due to missed calls? Not only does a toll free number minimize the possibility of a dial error, it also gives callers an easy-to-remember lifeline for inquiries, concerns, or provide feedback.

It is time for small business owners to take control of their phone lines by ditching the cryptic phone numbers that burden both the customers and the businesses. Take off some of the pressure of running a small business with a vanity toll free number.

For more information on how a toll free number can help make your life easier, contact the experts at Custom Toll Free at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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