Call Tracking 101: Making the Most of Your Inbound Leads

by: Custom Toll Free , June 7, 2016

For small business marketers who rely on inbound phone leads, tracking your marketing efforts can be tricky. There are so many tools available for capturing online marketing, but when it comes to call side, it’s hard to know who’s calling and from where. Even if you are able to track your calls, how does that fit into the rest of your marketing data?

Good news: new software tools allow you to track incoming calls the same way you can track website visits and clicks.

Why is call tracking important?

Although many consumers will research your company online before making a purchase decision, not all of them will complete their purchases online. Online services may be convenient, but some customers simply prefer to pick up the phone and talk to a real person. In order to fully understand your customer’s buying cycles, you need call tracking.

How does call tracking work?

Your vanity number from Custom Toll Free comes with a free and easy-to-use online account manager. You can view your call history in real time and analyze calls based on volume, talk time and origination. Enter a date range to view calls within any time period and pull a report to review call details. You have multiple options for sorting your call data, making it easy to analyze. You can even play a brief call announcement before your calls connect to identify which toll-free number the customer dialed and which specific ad they’re responding to. This helps you determine which strategies are working.

What are the benefits of call tracking?

Identify your phone leads: Without call tracking, you can only guess where your customers are calling from and how they found you. Call tracking allows you to analyze calls to reveal how strong the prospect is.

Consolidate your marketing efforts: You track all of your other marketing channels online, so why not add inbound calls into the mix? Call tracking keeps everything in one place so you can stay on top of even the most complicated mix of campaigns.

Learn more about the benefits of a vanity toll-free number and how call tracking can boost your business:

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