What Results Can I Expect from a Toll-Free Number?

by: Custom Toll Free , March 24, 2016

Just like your customers are researching your products and services, you’re searching for a way to grow your market presence and increase ROI. What if there were one marketing tool that could help you do it all? A vanity toll-free number creates additional channels so you can reach more customers and close more sales. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to happen when you add a vanity number to your business strategy:

1. Make a positive first impression

A vanity toll-free number gives your customers a prestigious impression. In fact, some companies base their entire brand off their toll-free number, such as 1-800-CONTACTS. In cases like this, your phone number becomes your marketing strategy, especially online, where customers gather clues to assess the credibility of a company.

2. Grow your presence

A good vanity number makes your company appear established and helps with customer recognition. This is one of the best ways to increase customer referral and generate repeat business. When your company is easy to reach, your customers will remember your contact information and continue to return for repeat orders.

3. Get the best bang for your buck

Toll-free numbers are not only an easy tool, but an affordable one as well. Startups and small businesses alike can leverage the power of a toll-free number without blowing the marketing budget. Additionally, stronger public recognition increases your company’s net worth and becomes a valuable asset to your business.

4. Become a pro at call-tracking software

If you’re not tracking your incoming calls, you’re missing out on valuable customer data. A vanity toll-free number from Custom Toll Free includes the best call-tracking software so you can keep a detailed record of your customer base. This easy-to-use software includes features like instant ring-to updates, voicemail and notification settings, caller ID, custom call forwarding and call blocking. You can analyze calls and view missed calls, too, so you’ll never miss out on a sale opportunity.

Why is Custom Toll Free the best?

It’s all in the name. Custom Toll Free allows you to customize your vanity toll-free number to a keyword or phrase that will make your company stand out. You can select your coverage for the most affordable option based on where you do the most business. There are no wait times and no complicated installation process. Your toll-free number will automatically connect to your business and can be routed to any phone number.

Search for your custom number today and get ready to watch your business grow: customtollfree.com/search.

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