4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Person for Your Front Desk Position

by: Custom Toll Free , April 7, 2016

As a company conducting both face-to-face and over-the-phone interactions with clients and customers, you know the importance of hiring a skilled administrative professional. The person who sits at the front desk serves as the first impression of your company to anyone walking through your office door. The moment they enter, this person represents your entire company, which is why experienced front desk personnel may be hard to find.

Here are four things to look for when trying to secure the perfect front desk person for your business:

Seek an engaging personality

The person fit to sit at your front desk is approachable and makes a good first impression. More than anything, this involves a person’s self-confidence and self-presentation. During the interview, pay attention to the candidates’ overall reactions. Their words and body language should be both open and inviting.

Keep your brand in mind

First impressions may be important, but this person has to be able to deliver when it comes to maintaining your brand’s voice. Your front desk employee’s attitude should match your company’s approach to customers or clients. Think of the people who normally stop in or call — what kind of person will they need to talk to?

Ask about multitasking abilities

The person working at your front desk will most likely be juggling multiple responsibilities throughout the day. They could be greeting guests, handling calls, running the reception area, assisting other staff with administrative tasks and more. Ask potential candidates how they will handle the pressure of many assignments and how they will prioritize. The right person will be calm, organized and detail oriented.

Offer a great working environment

It’s no secret that front desk positions often have a high turnover rate, as businesses aren’t always willing to shell out a decent salary for their administrative staff. But when the right person feels at home and appreciated, they’ll stick around. Attracting the right candidates and then retaining them is all about offering a higher salary, treating them with respect and minimizing their stress.

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