Promote Your Business – 30 great places to post your business phone number

promote your business with 30 ideas
by: Megan Andersen , September 4, 2018

One tried-and-true marketing tool to promote your business has yet to lose its power: the memorable business phone number allowing for direct, immediate customer-company contact (not to mention highly effective call marketing campaigns).

That’s because phone numbers linked to meaningful words or number sequences optimize functions in the brain that help us remember who to call when we need a given product or service. And even vendors already optimizing impressively analytical marketing campaigns need a way to stay at the top of customers’ minds — and an easy way for those customers to reach them once they’re ready to buy.

“Writing a number down or looking one up online are barriers to a completed transaction,” summarizes Craig Borowski on Gartner researcher-based website “Removing barriers can add customers and increase sales. That’s a fundamental strategy for growing a business.”

As such, savvy businesses are not only choosing highly memorable numbers, but constantly strategizing ways to keep them highly visible to customers so they can drive calls (and revenues) through every possible venue. Consider this list of places you might consider publicizing your number, if you’re not already doing so.

30 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business Number:

On your website.

This one seems obvious, yet many businesses seem to forget the obvious — or they bury their phone numbers in illogical or hard-to-access spots. Better options for placement may include sidebars, headers, footers, pop-up boxes, slide-ins that appear halfway down a page and “sticky” forms that follow the viewer as he scrolls. Calls convert 10x – You want your phone ringing!

On your social media sites,

including LinkedIn. Place your number in your profile sections, at the end of posts and within any ads you purchase.

Within enticing Pinterest pins

that lead viewers to your website (guidelines are here).

Within your promotional email marketing

messages and transactional emails containing information about customer orders, payments, etc.

Within calls to action sent via your SMS marketing campaign.

On your business cards,

handing them out wherever and whenever you think someone would be interested.

Within your print collateral.

That means brochures, fliers, guides, booklets … anywhere your company is mentioned in print.

Within your direct mail campaign.

Old-school direct mail marketing can still work amazingly well when optimized for segmented audiences and strong calls to action driving inbound phone calls, and the ROI can be easy to track.

Google AdWords

and use Dial800’s dynamic number insertion (DNI). AdWords strategically incorporated into your landing page or website can be infused with specific URLs that allow you to track the success of such a campaign.

On premiums and freebies.

If your business hands out free calendars, pens, mousepads or other gifts, ensure they’re doing double duty by promoting your number.

In coupon booklets.

Do you participate in those mailed coupon packs or newspaper inserts? If so, keep your number highly visible.

In classified ads.

These classic newspaper promos can still be highly effective for some businesses.

On billboards.

A simple call to action focusing on your memorable number? Bingo.

On Craigslist.

This free-of-charge venue can produce surprising results, and yes, tracking phone numbers can be incorporated.

Within local and/or national directories.

Listing your number in publications produced by your local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau and Yellow Pages should probably be standard practice; the value of other listings can be determined through DNI-enabled phone numbers.

As part of TV and radio ads.

Many companies see fantastic results with ads motivating viewers to “call now”; thus the late-night parade of TV infomercials.

In your personal emails.

You never know when a friend or acquaintance may turn into a customer.

In promotions initiated by complementary businesses.

Place your number within emails, social media posts, newsletters, etc., created by businesses that complement but don’t compete with yours, and do the same for them.

In banner ads.

Use analytics tools to identify websites your audiences are likely to visit, then pay for engaging ads on those sites.

In your free-to-download business apps,

e-books, whitepapers or information guides.

Within compelling or informative YouTube

 videos you create to showcase your products, services or company.

On all your receipts,

shopping bags and/or inserts placed in those bags.

On signs

placed in highly visible places within your business.

On a sandwich board

on the sidewalk outside your brick-and-mortar locations.

At the end of feature and business articles

you pitch to local newspapers.

Through your discount offer

with Groupon, LivingSocial or another daily deal site.

Within programs

handed out at your speaking engagements.

On your business’s


Within your business’s QR codes.

On your Business Vehicles.


When your business is dependent on inbound calls, you’d be wise to think of every venue — paid and unpaid — for getting your phone number in front of the public. Take time to consider whether you’re missing any obvious opportunities in that regard.

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