Dialing the Economy Bat Phone: Entrepreneurs to the Rescue!

by: Vanity Numbers , February 11, 2014

Small Business; Entrepreneurs; Toll Free Vanity NumbersSuperheroes such as Batman and Superman came from nowhere to catch free falling victims that villains pushed from tall building ledges. Similarly, a depressed housing market, stagnant job growth, and skyrocketing prices have pushed the American economy into a seemingly irreversible free fall over the last several years. The question on the tips of many economists' tongues is can entrepreneurs play superheroes and help save the American economy?

Small Business Job Growth

Did you know that entrepreneurs that operate small businesses create nearly 70 percent of the new American jobs? Instead of outsourcing jobs overseas, entrepreneurs create permanent positions that require continuous education, training, and professional development. Employees who work for small business entrepreneurs typically take the entrepreneurial spirit with them to other companies or in the pursuit of opening their own small businesses. Moreover, small businesses tend to price their products more competitively than larger companies, which dampens inflation.

Show Small Businesses the Money

But there are still challenges. One of the factors that limit small business growth involves financing. Since the financial meltdown of 2008, entrepreneurs have found it very difficult to acquire financing for startup costs that are associated with new businesses. Lenders only want to approve loans to larger, more established companies that have proven track records of growing revenue and profits. Financing smaller startups involves heavy risks for lenders.

Entrepreneurs provide the impetus for improving the economy by creating jobs, but it is hard to create jobs when financial institutions refuse to lend to smaller businesses. However, there is good news. Small business operators have several options for relying less on banks and other financial institutions. One of the tried and true ways involves setting up toll free vanity numbers.

Toll Free Vanity Numbers Spell Growth and Success.

You do not need to change out of your business clothes and into a cape to help save the economy. An increasing number of entrepreneurs have found that establishing one or more toll free vanity numbers attracts more customers to their small businesses. A toll free vanity number not only secures a business’s reputation and brand recognition, but it also secures their overall small business growth and success.

Once a prospective customer sets foot in your store, or visits your ecommerce website, you have the captive audience required to make sales. Toll free vanity numbers create a strong market presence for your small business by boosting brand awareness, enhancing customer recognition, and developing instant credibility.


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