Take Me to Your Leader – Do They Have a Toll Free Number I Can Call?

by: Custom Toll Free , August 13, 2015

Take a look at leaders in your industry. What do they all have in common? Chances are you will find that nearly every successful company is offering toll free calling for sales and/or customer service. Go online and select any large retailer, healthcare facility, restaurant franchise, or government agency, and you will instantly spot a toll free number on their website or business collateral.

Why do the big dogs use a toll free number? There is a good reason that today’s industry leaders offer toll free calling. It is a proven strategic marketing tool that keeps giving back.

Toll Free Numbers Mean an Easy Connection

Once you have offered your customers a vanity toll free number customers love to call, recall is easy, and they are more likely to share their user experience.

When you customize your toll free number to align with your business products and services, your customers not only get excited about what you have to offer, they engage in social sharing. The avenues for social sharing are expanding at an amazing pace, and it’s a time when you can differentiate your business, and expand market reach. Post your toll free vanity number on everything your customer touches—online or in person.

There’s a reason why the leaders in your industry are where they are. The leaders in today’s economy are continually growing and expanding, along with sticking with proven marketing winners. Let toll free calling be ONE of the marketing tools behind your success story. Connect with Custom Toll Free today, and start strategizing for your perfect vanity toll free number.

Take a look at a small sampling of leaders in various industries across the nation:

industry leaders chart_UPDATED

Toll Free Numbers Mean Value

In today’s business world, maintaining a competitive edge is a constant challenge. Industry leaders recognize the value in pleasing their customers in today’s competitive landscape. But a toll free number is a key component in value proposition. It allows industry leaders to hone in on their customer experience by offering a quality toll free number.

Toll Free Numbers Mean Authority

The toll free number has become a key tool in providing personalized customer service and solving customer problems. They allow customer service teams to take control of their conversations with customers and allow them to give personality to a product and/or service. Additionally, world-class executives are standing behind toll free calling as a customer-facing solution that eases customers’ minds, builds trust, and offers assurance and aids in their purchasing decisions.


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