Not Just Another Pretty Buzzword: Native Advertising is Here to Stay

by: Vanity Numbers , February 13, 2014

Small Business, Native Advertising, Toll Free Vanity NumbersThe world of Internet marketing is replete with catchy phrases and buzzwords. Most of the catchy buzzwords quickly move over for the next big online marketing strategy. A few buzzwords, such as content marketing, appear to have staying power. So, where does that put native advertising, a concept that gained traction during 2013? Is native advertising just another online marketing buzzword that we can expect to fade away? Or does it have the potential to be an integral part of small business online marketing strategies for years to come?

What is Native Advertising?

Online marketers construct native ads to mirror the content that surrounds the ads on any given web page. For example, a web page that discusses the types of camping gear can accompany native ads that promote the varied types of gear. Instead of distracting users from reading content, native ads become an integral part of web page content.

The Benefits of Native Advertising

Small business owners that have historically run banner ads to promote their small businesses may be surprised to learn that native ads pack more bang for their buck.

According to a study conducted by IPG Media Lab and Sharethrough:

  • 25% more website visitors view native ads than banner ads
  • Website visitors look at native ads 53% more frequently than banner ads
  • You can expect website visitors to access native ads four times per online session, compared to only 2.7 times per session for banner ads.

What Small Businesses Can Expect from Native Advertising in 2014

The rising popularity of native advertising should usher in the era of the "native product" some time during 2014. Native products represent the collaboration between news, technology, and advertising that transforms content marketing beyond the traditional realm of text and images. Native products implement platforms and technologies to provide enhanced user experiences and increased website visitor interaction. As with toll free vanity numbers, native products provide small businesses with a cost effective way to develop relationships with prospective customers.

Complement Native Products with Toll Free Vanity Numbers

By implementing the concept of native advertising, small businesses can expand their reach and attract more customers by establishing toll free vanity numbers. The key to creating an effective toll free vanity number involves developing a memorable phrase that reminds both potential and regular customers of your business, like 1-800-FLOWERS, for example. Once you establish one or more toll free vanity numbers, be sure to recruit highly trained customer service professionals to handle the myriad questions you can expect to answer about your small business products and services.


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