Are You Using the Best Connection for Customer Experience?

by: Custom Toll Free , July 16, 2015

Customer ExperienceToday it’s all about the customer experience (CX). Whether shopping activities are fulfilled on-premise or online, consumers may not be the first to admit it, but CX is driving sales in today’s competitive landscape.

Marketers are getting on board to introduce flamboyant marketing plans that leave no stone unturned. Pressed to find new modes for customer-facing perks, marketing companies are looking at the past, present, and future to uncover the tools that have proven timeless toward improving leads and establishing long-term clients. And on this list are toll free numbers.

Here are some benefits to customer toll free calling that may surprise even the savviest marketer…

Toll Free Calling Transformation

When toll free calling is available to a consumer for learning more about a product, a CX connection is born. Customers get the information they need at no cost to them…and the recall is amazing.

When a sale is imminent, companies have to find a way to capture the customer, hold their interest, and get them to convert. This is also known as the “transformation” stage of sales. One great sales approach to attract the attention of customers is reciprocity. What can you give customers? How can you WOW them by giving them a surprise? Toll free calling integrated with a vanity naming convention is all the surprise they need. Toll free calling creates that personalized environment customers demand.

Social Sharing is Caring

After a customer establishes enough trust to reach the “transformation” Customer Eperience, Social Sharing, Social Mediastage of a sale, and is ready to make a purchase decision, consumers want to share their discovery and experience…and the opportunity for social sharing is rampant.

Take advantage of social and mobile platforms where a toll free vanity number creates and promotes a CX connection. Let your prospects do the heavy lifting for you when they network with business associates, friends, family, and even complete strangers. The real-time and social networking value in toll free calling is a cost-effective marketing tool you can’t afford to pass up.

The Transaction Connection

Attracting customers and making sales is the ultimate transaction. But establishing that connection is only one half of the connection. The customer / business relationship is like any relationship: it takes work and proper communication for both “partners” to really be happy.

After a customer makes a purchase decision and closes that end of the transaction, businesses must then keep up their end of the bargain. They need to fulfill promises and keep true to their value proposition and mission, and close the loop in the transaction, ensuring customers are happy. This could mean providing exceptional customer service, standing by a product, and completing the customer journey.

One tried and true way to provide exceptional customer service is through a toll free number. Customers should feel like they can call on your friendly customer service staff at any point and not only receive answers to their questions and be treated like, well, people…but a toll free number is also easy to remember, making it that much easier on your customers.

Working in a Collective Network

In addition to working closely with customers externally and establishing the Connection, Communication“reciprocity” factor through toll free calling, establishing an internal collective network among team members is also crucial. But what does an internal network have to do with customers? Simple. When teams collaborate effectively with one another, this attitude is then visible to customers.

So what should your internal network look like? It could be an information hub for your customer service, sales, and marketing teams to access for resources, it could involve training, or even an area where each team member can add his or her own value, boosting morale and productivity…which is golden for customers. Remember, the secret behind a sale is a smile…

Toll Free Numbers Put Companies on the Map

When the word gets out at the right place and time, you get discovered. Take your customer toll free number to town—literally. Consider a billboard, signage, or banner strategically placed in order to get the calls you need to boost your business.

How many times have you noticed a toll free number on the side of a vehicle that describes the very product or service you have been looking for? Whether for landscaping, event catering, photography, or computer services, a vanity number is easy to recall without writing it down. Get known in your community with a toll free vanity number that is hard to forget.

When you want to create a CX connection, think about how toll free calling can improve your sales and at the same time impress your customers. You need to give your customers an experience that stays on their minds well into the future, and custom toll free calling is the way to do it.

For more information on custom toll free calling and how to use toll free numbers to establish that personalized CX your business needs, contact the experts at Custom Toll Free today at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.

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