Is call tracking right for my small business?

by: Custom Toll Free , April 21, 2016

If you put in the miles to train for a marathon, you’ll want to be confident that your training is going to help you get to the finish line on race day. The same is true if you’re investing time and money into your company’s marketing. You deserve to know if your efforts are working. While it’s easy to track online conversions, tracking phone calls is also an important piece to the puzzle. Call tracking provides a great way to make sure you’re capturing all of your leads.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is a tool that enables companies to measure and analyze their inbound phone leads. You can learn helpful information about who’s calling, when and where they’re calling from, and how the calls are being handled.

Key benefits of call tracking

– Learn how your marketing efforts are working – Which marketing channel brings in the most leads? Call tracking offers one of the most effective and least expensive ways to learn which marketing channels are working, and which aren’t worth the investment.

– Reveal purchasing patterns or potential issues – Call tracking also captures the duration of each phone call and provides caller ID information. You can also record calls and review them for quality assurance purposes. To learn more about what your customers are looking for, listen to a sampling of these recordings.

– Identify future opportunities – If you invest time to learn what your customers are calling about, you might discover that people are requesting a product or service your business doesn’t provide. This could give your company ideas for future expansion, helping you satisfy your existing customers and expand to new audiences.

What types of businesses should use call tracking?

Any business whose customers often do research before making a purchase is a great fit for call tracking. When potential customers make phone calls to ask questions, you can capture their information, learn how to serve them and keep them coming back. This is especially helpful for:

– Dental and oral surgery offices – If someone calls about an emergency situation, save their information to encourage them to come back for regular cleanings and appointments.

– The home services industry – People tend to shop around before they settle on landscaping, plumbing, painting, cleaning, flooring, or window installation companies

– Automotive – Whether someone is buying a car or looking to get one serviced, they’ll most likely have a lot of questions.

– Real estate and rental properties – Finding a living situation is a major commitment and expense. A person is likely to make a phone call if they’re serious about a location, so call tracking will keep a record of these high-quality leads.

– Hotel and travel accommodations – Phone calls are critical to the travel business and should be tracked to acquire the value of each lead.

Debunking common call-tracking myths

“It’s too expensive” – Your online account management services come free with your vanity number so you can start tracking calls right away at no additional cost.

“Is my number truly mine?” – Custom Toll Free helps you find a vanity number that matches your brand, product or service. This means your customers can easily get ahold of you to make repeat orders.

Learn how call tracking with a vanity toll-free number can boost your business:

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