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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Small business owners don’t need Halloween to understand that myriad factors can haunt their small businesses. From unexpected supply disruptions to leading teams to balancing the books each month, small business owners have things that scare them more than the most evil haunted house. Even the acquisition of a toll free number can come back […]

Shortly after Neil Armstrong took the “Giant leap for mankind,” another giant leap occurred deep inside the computer department at UCLA. Funded by the Department of Defense, the ARPANET project produced the first Internet transmission that has not only altered every way in which we communicate, and function as a society, but also transformed the […]

You have done your homework and you understand the benefits associated with acquiring toll free numbers. Vanity numbers increase exposure for your small business brand by creating the type of credibility that builds customer trust. The inexpensive small business phone numbers provide the greatest return on your marketing investment. All in all, you’re sold on […]

Initially, the process of acquiring a toll free number might seem like a lengthy or expensive process. However, acquiring a toll free number can be completed in four easy steps. Once you’ve taken the steps in the toll free journey, you are also simultaneously securing the steps in the customer journey. The customer journey relates […]

You spent countless hours wringing your hands over the acquisition of a toll free number for your small business. After realizing the benefits of adding at least one vanity phone number, you have gone all in on acquiring the proven marketing tool. However, you need help deciding on how to best use the unique marketing […]

You like to impress upon your team the importance of leaving their egos at the door. After all, clashing egos in the workplace produces poor morale that inevitably leads to lower productivity. You emphasize the importance of team work, helping one another reach their goals, and encourage them in their positions and careers. But, have […]

The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) created Conflict Resolution Day to promote awareness of the myriad ways available to resolve conflict. Ostensibly created for resolving personal relationship conflicts, the special day has just as much pertinence for solving conflicts in the workplace. We avoid conflict like the plague in the workplace. Managers duck into conference […]

It does not take long for small business owners to understand the benefits of acquiring toll free numbers. Toll free benefits include increased brand awareness, establishing credibility, increasing exposure, and most importantly, increasing the return on your marketing investment. Vanity numbers also build the level of trust required for potential customers to convert into lifelong […]

Finding the right business name can be a bit challenging. A good business name and brand should be both functional and emotional. It should be meaningful, catchy, easy to remember, and accurately portray the business’s mission and brand as well as stimulate an emotional reaction from your target audience, which should tie into what your […]

Did you know that on average, a phone call costs a company between $9 and $15? That’s a pretty steep price to pay for small businesses. While advanced communication technology mitigates the onerous costs of phone communication, small businesses still have to recoup the cost of phone calls by generating more revenue. The best way […]