How the Internet Has Transformed Small Businesses

by: admin , October 29, 2014

Shortly after Neil Armstrong took the “Giant leap for mankind,” another giant leap occurred deep inside the computer department at UCLA. Funded by the Department of Defense, the ARPANET project produced the first Internet transmission that has not only altered every way in which we communicate, and function as a society, but also transformed the way small businesses sell products and services.

Today we celebrate one of the greatest discoveries since putting a man on the moon. October 29th is Internet Day.

Online Marketing

Back in 1969, few small business owners envisioned the Internet emerging as the best way to market their products and services. Now, online marketing is about the only way you can expect to reach out to potential customers and keep loyal customers coming back for more. A rapidly increasing number of consumers prefer not only to research small businesses online, but also to make purchases conveniently from their desktop computers and mobile electronic devices. What Internet Day means for your small business foremost is that effective online marketing campaigns enhance the productivity of your small business.

Content is King for Small Businesses

Content marketing has become the best way for small businesses to market their products and service online. By writing and publishing helpful blogs and articles, small business owners develop the level of credibility that attracts new customers to their small businesses. The regularly published blogs and articles help potential customers solve problems, which builds the type of trust that prompts potential customers to take action. Content marketing involves knowing how to produce fresh, relevant content that search engines reward by ranking your small business website near or at the top of the list.

How Toll Free Numbers Fit Into Internet Day

Small businesses that acquire toll free numbers to enhance operations have several ways to leverage the amazing phone numbers online. You should prominently display your toll free numbers on every web page that comprises your small business website. Your Google small business listing should feature each toll free number near the top of the listing. Clearly explain the purpose of each toll free number, such as designating one number for customer service and a second number for ordering products offered during special promotions. You can even add a toll free number that customers exclusively use for texting your small business.

Internet Day celebrates technology that has radically altered the way customers and small business owners interact, especially when it comes to toll free numbers. Long gone are the days of time-consuming sales pitches done in person. Small business owners now make their sales pitches online via content marketing and product description pages. Internet Day comes along once a year, but online marketing is a 24/7 obligation that small business owners need to get ahead of the competition.


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