How to Build a Bigger Business Name and Brand

by: admin , October 10, 2014

Placeit_CTF_HomeScreenshotFinding the right business name can be a bit challenging. A good business name and brand should be both functional and emotional. It should be meaningful, catchy, easy to remember, and accurately portray the business’s mission and brand as well as stimulate an emotional reaction from your target audience, which should tie into what your small business offers. It’s about finding the right blend.

But there is more that goes into developing a business name and brand. Finding the perfect business name from the beginning can make or break your small business, as well as either make your marketing strategy work like a charm, or give you a huge headache.

When considering a business name, there are several other things to think about. Some of these include your online marketing strategy, such as selecting a web domain that works with your business and brand, how your content is ranked and displayed on the web, and toll free numbers.

Avoid Common Naming Mistakes

Too Creative. The problem most businesses have when trying to think of a good business name when launching their start up is they often make common mistakes. These mistakes can include spelling a business name too creatively. This can make it difficult for your target audience to remember how to spell your name, which can result in mistyping a web domain name or keyword in a search engine, and ultimately results in a lack of website traffic and lost business.

Too Vague. Another common mistake is that businesses select a very specific business name, but then they end up outgrowing it, which can be a recipe for disaster. Many businesses have worked hard to launch their business, establish a good business name and brand, reach customers, only to change their business name later in the game, which always results in lost business and confused customers. Never a good mix. A business name should portray your products, services, and what you do, but should be just vague enough to allow room for your business to grow and develop.

Building a Bigger Brand

For those entrepreneurs who have been in business over the last several years, you’ve likely seen a giant shift in online marketing, including SEO methodologies, tactics, and strategies. Google has yet again recently altered its algorithms, which may be incredibly beneficial for businesses trying to define their brand.

Google’s new algorithms now focus on the quality of the content and how a business chooses to display that content and how it is tied into the overall brand. While links, keywords, and meta tags are all still important when creating and publishing content, it’s about quality over quantity and how you display your brand on the web.

The beauty of branding is that it is your brand to define. Your business’s style, tone, voice, and personality all tie into your brand and should be clear and consistent through your content.

Toll Free Numbers and Your Branding Strategy

When you first launch your start up, acquiring a toll free number that matches your business name and brand is huge. This will ensure that your brand and image reach your target audience and that end customers will easily associate and remember your business name. This is key to ensure customer retention, repeat business, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Toll free numbers are a tried and true way to establish and maintain a strong market presence. By using a good business name and securing your name and brand with a matching domain name and toll free number, you will likely see an immediate increase in call volume, customer response rates, thus maximizing your return on investment. Toll free numbers will help establish your brand and give it that much needed boost to jump ahead of your competitors, which is critical in the early stages of business.



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