Growing Your Small Business: How to Rock a Toll Free Number

by: admin , October 23, 2014

Hands designYou spent countless hours wringing your hands over the acquisition of a toll free number for your small business. After realizing the benefits of adding at least one vanity phone number, you have gone all in on acquiring the proven marketing tool. However, you need help deciding on how to best use the unique marketing tool. This means learning how to rock a toll free number to grow your small business.

Your Claim to Fame. You can’t expect to attract new customers with a bland toll free number. The key to growing your business by acquiring a toll free number requires you to create a memorable vanity name that best defines your small business. For example, an independent grocery store can create the vanity number 1-800-GROCERY to establish the level of credibility that builds customers trust.

Toll Free Tip: Remember that you aren’t limited to only seven letters and numbers. You can choose vanity strings and spellings that are longer. Customers only dial the first seven letters to reach your small business.

Toll Free Fanfare. Far too many small business owners spend their working days running around in place. The hustle and bustle of operating a small business often leads to the Cardinal sin of neglecting the most important element of your operation: customer service. You can lighten the load of your primary phone number by establishing at least one toll free number that is dedicated to handling customer service issues.

Toll Free Tip: From answering questions about a new product to resolving customer complaints, creating toll free numbers exclusively for customer service is one of the best ways to rock a toll free number.

Become a Promotional Star. Small business owners often run promotions that give them the advantage over competitors. Yet, many of the promotions never get off the ground due to mismanagement or disorganization. The best way to ensure your product and service promotions gain momentum is to acquire at least one toll free number used for running each promotion.

Toll Free Tip: One of your most talented service professionals can staff the line to handle customer inquiries about the promotion, as well as finalize transactions during the limited time offer.

Take it on the Road. Acquiring a toll free number is one thing, but just having a vanity number does not guarantee small business success. Set up call forwarding and take your toll free number on tour with you. You can set your vanity number to ring to any phone number whether it’s a mobile phone or a landline.

Toll Free Tip: Acquiring premium vanity number services enables you to track the number of responses and adjusts your toll free number campaign accordingly. The more efficient campaign saves you money and attracts a larger base of new customers. Find out more about how toll free vanity number services can enhance the quality of your sales leads and converts more of the leads into loyal, regular customers.

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