5 Mind-Blowing Toll Free Tips to Try Right Now

by: admin , October 15, 2014

844TechCloud_ImageIt does not take long for small business owners to understand the benefits of acquiring toll free numbers. Toll free benefits include increased brand awareness, establishing credibility, increasing exposure, and most importantly, increasing the return on your marketing investment.

Vanity numbers also build the level of trust required for potential customers to convert into lifelong patrons. However, many small business owners never see the dividends paid out by toll free numbers because they never take advantage of toll free tips.

Here are five amazing toll free number tips to try right now:

Look Up and Look Alive. If you are considering a toll free number, you have an array of amazing vanity number tools at your disposal to help you choose a winning vanity number. One of these includes the Numspell tool. Plug your current phone number into the search criteria and see what your number spells. Then, acquire that number and bring it to life.

Monitor the Toll Free Market. If you’ve got your eye on a particular vanity number that you think would be perfect for your small business and brand that is unavailable, monitor the toll free market. By taking advantage of a toll free monitoring service, you can elect to receive updated information on a particular number on a monthly basis. Find out who owns the number, when it is disconnected or when it becomes available.

Get on the Right Track. Your small business never reaps toll free benefits if you don’t track the origination of your toll free number phone calls. This toll free tip allows you to analyze data to learn where most of your toll free number phone calls originate. Instead of guessing where to target marketing campaigns, dynamic phone tracking gives you the bull’s eye to aim and shoot for during specials and promotions.

Share the Wealth. If you find a number that you like that is already in use, then why not share? Toll free shared usage plans are available based on geographic location. For example, if your small business operates in Florida, and only receives local calls, then why pay for service in Texas? Not only does this reduce overall costs, which is essential for small businesses, but it also reduces unnecessary call volume. When setting up a shared usage plan, simply designate only the regions you want service.

Furthermore, if your same business operates in Florida, but the number you want is in service in Idaho, it’s possible to set up a shared usage plan with Idaho to have your number work in Florida.

Cyberspace Exposure. Regardless of which toll free prefix you choose, what your number spells, or which service plan features you select, your toll free number won’t go anywhere unless you get it out there. Prominently displaying your toll free number on your small business website or via social media posts is a toll free tip that most small business owners implement.

Furthermore, always post your number at the end of email messages to experience toll free benefits. Sign off forum posts with your toll free vanity number. Make the number as standard as your signature.

With a toll free number and a strong marketing strategy, you can make a toll free number pay you! Start taking advantage of these five amazing toll free tips today to see the most exposure, the most increase in customer retention, the biggest boost to your brand, image, and credibility, and to see the most bang for your buck.


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