Is Your Toll Free Number Helping or Haunting You?

by: admin , October 31, 2014

GhostSmall business owners don’t need Halloween to understand that myriad factors can haunt their small businesses. From unexpected supply disruptions to leading teams to balancing the books each month, small business owners have things that scare them more than the most evil haunted house. Even the acquisition of a toll free number can come back to haunt small business owners who don’t properly use the numbers to gain more customers. So this begs the question: Is your toll free number helping or haunting you?

Toll Free Benefits Help You

Acquiring memorable toll free numbers provide you with several small business benefits. You create a memorable toll free number that regular customers easily remember to refer your business to friends, family, and coworkers. Toll free numbers give your small business credibility, which leads to the difficult to earn trust that keeps customers coming back for more of your products and services.

Perhaps the greatest toll free benefit of all comes from the incredible return on your marketing investment. The affordable numbers barely put a dent in your budget, while producing a considerable amount of new business. Granted your toll free number is properly advertised through all appropriate marketing channels.

Make Your Toll Free Number Do the Work

You simply cannot roll the dice with naming a toll free number. You need to create catchy names that stick with your customers. For example, an organic produce vendor creates instant recognition by acquiring the number 1-800-ORGANIC.

Toll free numbers help by providing you with tracking tools, such as dynamic phone tracking, which allows you to determine where most of your customers live and what age range they represent. The information collected via dynamic phone tracking gives you the tools to target market effectively and really make a toll free number work for you.

How Toll Free Numbers Can Haunt You

Your toll free number can haunt you, if you don’t take advantage of its huge potential. Don’t choose any number that you think might work for your business. Think and plan strategically to not only brainstorm and acquire a winning vanity number, but also further develop and establish your brand. See a toll free number for the great opportunity it can be for your business.

While small businesses are mostly successful completing step one, it’s important for them to carry through the efforts to step two, which is advertising your number. How are your customers and audience going to call you if they don’t know your number? Be sure to have your number splashed across the home page of your website, your social media business pages, your business cards, ads, flyers, you name it. Really make your toll free number work for you instead of haunting you.

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