4 Smart Tips for Avoiding Toll Free Troubles

by: admin , October 28, 2014

Call Block IconYou have done your homework and you understand the benefits associated with acquiring toll free numbers. Vanity numbers increase exposure for your small business brand by creating the type of credibility that builds customer trust. The inexpensive small business phone numbers provide the greatest return on your marketing investment.

All in all, you’re sold on acquiring toll free numbers, but do you know that acquiring toll free numbers can create chaos for your small business if you aren’t careful? Let’s review three tips for avoiding toll free number chaos.

Not Just Any Vanity Number. Acquiring the right toll free numbers requires small business owners to consider their small business identities carefully. Memorable vanity numbers that stick in the minds of customers lead to word-of-mouth advertising that can create more revenue for your small business. Every industry has at least one catchy word that helps them establish memorable toll free numbers. For example, pastry shops can use vanity numbers such as 1-800-COOKIE to create memorable small business numbers.

Misspellings. Small business chaos often erupts because of customer service issues, especially when it comes to handling complaints and disputes. Furthermore, toll free number troubles can also arise due to common misspellings. While creative misspellings—when carefully marketed and branded—can really create a marketing edge for some businesses, misspellings can also lead to disasters. Incorrectly dialing one digit could lead customers to a number that isn’t in use, or worse, lead customers to your competitors instead.

Track Your Vanity Numbers. Acquiring toll free numbers is a great idea, but only if you track where your vanity number phone calls originate. Dynamic phone tracking is a tool that provides small business owners with data that explains the origination of vanity number phone calls. This vital chaos-reducing tool allows small business owners to better target their advertising towards the potential customers most likely to convert into lifelong patrons. Dynamic phone tracking includes several metrics to help small business owners attract new customers.

Where to Find Help? Working with a reputable and established marketing crew of experts can help small businesses establish highly credible toll free numbers that roll off the tongues of potential and lifelong customers. To learn more about vanity numbers, contact us online or call our memorable toll free number at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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