Call Intelligence and Toll Free Numbers: Demystified

by: admin , March 12, 2015

Internet of Things flat iconic illustrationSmall businesses which use a toll free number as an incremental tool in their marketing strategy know the benefits of toll free numbers and how they can really work for their businesses. Toll free numbers can boost call volume, brand recognition, and maximize return on marketing investment, just to name a few.

But, did you know that toll free numbers also work behind the scenes? Thanks to call intelligence, business owners have the opportunity make more informed decisions. Call intelligence also affects the Internet of Things, or IoT.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things or IoT is a huge network based on the connection of everyday things and electronics or software. In other words, this means that anything and everything will be able to connect to the Internet—without human interaction.

So what does IoT have to do with a toll free number? IoT provides business owners with data on how customers connect with their businesses. One way to measure this is through call intelligence.

Call Intelligence

Call intelligence is a way for business owners or marketers to track calls and determine where they originate, make more informed marketing decisions that really target customers, and even focus on business management decisions.

Call intelligence also helps businesses with the following:

Track the Customer Journey. Call intelligence helps businesses track the journey of their customers, from the phone number they’re calling from to the advertisement or keyword that influenced them to make that call.

Aid in Lead Generation and Nurturing. Call intelligence also has a hand in lead generation and nurturing as it can provide business owners with key data related to customer history…but not in such a way that’s creepy. Rather, this gives lead marketers an opportunity to really grab a hold of incoming leads and turn them into sales.

Analyze Inbound Calls. Call intelligence allows businesses to analyze inbound phone calls, which gives them insight as to which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t. You can analyze these phone calls by determining keywords, competitor information, and even customer FAQs.

How They Relate

Because IoT connects people to people, people to things, and even things to things without the “people”, businesses can really jump into the network with call intelligence. Not only will call intelligence give businesses the opportunity to really focus on marketing strategies, but combined with a toll free number will give customers the best experience when they call.

A toll free number is more than just a way for your customers to reach you; it helps businesses understand their customers. For more information about acquiring a toll free number, contact Custom Toll Free at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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