How a Toll Free Number Helps Tax Preparers

by: admin , March 13, 2015
Accountants, tax preparers, and auditors, are you left with empty days in the months leading up to April 15th? If you need a seasonal marketing campaign for a new startup or an expanding small business, there may be some simple, low-cost solutions you can count on during tax season and year around.

Equipped with some key component to filling your pre-tax days and months with eager clients, you can easily get the word out to consumers throughout your community and keep them coming back for tax preparation each year. A toll free number can go a long way toward the success of your startup or small business.

Just Starting Out? Getting Your Tax Business Off To a Good Start

When you invest in toll free numbers for your tax business, the advantages go well beyond a customer service effort. Toll free numbers can be used to get your tax business off to a good start. Consider ways in which toll free calling can help your business:

Use a toll free number for customer tax FAQs. Often your customers just need answers, and a toll free hotline is a great solution during tax season. Your hotline might feature the new tax laws for the current year or the common questions your customers often need answers to.

Manage your customer call volume. During the busy tax season, you may be missing customers because you can’t always pick up the phone. Toll free calling allows customers to call in and be directed to one or more lines or a call center at no charge to them, so you don’t lose a valuable lead.

Accessible and affordable customer service tool. Over the years, toll free numbers have transformed from an expensive, high-volume marketing model to a low-cost, per-minute pricing model, which makes the toll free marketing solution perfect for smaller businesses.

A toll free number is a small investment when you consider the potential return for your tax preparation business. Not only is a toll free number beneficial for your company, but your customers will also find it valuable, and it will show them that you are serious, and that your business means, well, business.

Branding For Your Small Tax Business

Toll free numbers are an excellent way to brand your small tax business, and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. In fact, vanity numbers are still a tried and true branding and marketing method for small businesses.

Here are some examples of some great available toll free numbers for tax services and businesses:

·      855 – TAXES – NOW

·       844 – IRS – ONLINE

·      800 – TAXBENEFIT

·      866 – CUT TAXES

According to, “…today toll-free area codes are being used up at an increasingly rapid rate thanks to advances in telecom technology that make these numbers incredibly helpful for businesses.” With a toll free vanity number that describes your tax services in one word, consumers find your business easily and remember what they saw (or dialed).

The Customer JourneyConsumers Love Dialing Toll Free

Callers love the “deal” in toll free calling. According to recent marketing data, 90% of Americans claim to take advantage of toll free numbers. Additionally, when toll free numbers are displayed in ads, consumers generate at least a 30% response rate. In a Chicago Tribune study of advertisers, it was reported that those using toll free vanity numbers were receiving ten times the response as compared with a local number.

Regardless of whether this is your first for fifth tax season up and running as a small business, you might be looking for ways to really reach customers, boost your market presence, get the word out, and increase callers. A toll free number can do all this…and more.

For startups and small businesses, toll free numbers are a great way to get the word out. Present your toll free numbers in ads, on websites, in social media posts, and on your business card, and really take charge this tax season.

For more information on custom toll free numbers and how to make them work for your tax business, contact the vanity number experts at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE today.

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