No Interruptions Day

by: admin , December 31, 2014

Time ManagementWhile December 31st is known nationwide as New Year’s Eve, for small business owners and entrepreneurs it is also known as “No Interruptions Day”. While many would see it as unfortunate to be working in between Christmas and New Years, small business owners see it as the last opportunity to get work done before the year closes…without interruptions.

So, if you are like most entrepreneurs and find yourself working today, here are some things you can do to take advantage of the last working day of the year.

Close Out Year End Expenses. Still need to record that pile of receipts? What better day to tackle that pile than today? For those entrepreneurs or small business owners who don’t yet have a bookkeeper or accountant, you find yourself spending a great deal of time recording and keeping watch of all business income and expenses. Make this a high priority, as today is the last day you will have a chance to accomplish this tedious yet highly important task.

Clean Out Your Email Inbox. Another task that continuously haunts small business owners and entrepreneurs is their email inboxes. While the day is relatively quiet, today is a good day to clean out that email inbox full of junk, old messages, or even to organize. Start the new year off fresh with a clean and organized email inbox.

Business Planning 2015. Because you’ve been swamped with the usual day-to-day business tasks and responsibilities, maybe you haven’t devoted much time to business planning for 2015. Regardless of whether or not you’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lot or a little time on business planning for the new year, today is a good day to lock yourself in your office, turn off your email and phone, and really spend some time focusing on your 2015 business plan or implementing action items for each goal.

Build Traffic and Trust with a Toll Free Number. If you are unsure of where to go in 2015, why not start the new year off with a toll free number? Today is the last day to acquire a new vanity number…absolutely FREE until February 2015. Even if you are still unsure of your business direction in 2015, a toll free number is a tried and true way to build traffic and trust, boost your brand and business reputation, and generate more customers and sales.

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