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Monthly Archives: December 2014

While December 31st is known nationwide as New Year’s Eve, for small business owners and entrepreneurs it is also known as “No Interruptions Day”. While many would see it as unfortunate to be working in between Christmas and New Years, small business owners see it as the last opportunity to get work done before the […]

Time is money. Most small business owners understand this. And nothing makes small business owners more nervous than when the checkbook devours the entire operation. Many small business owners begin to approach panic mode because they feel broke all of the time. Money that comes in goes out just as fast. Turn all of that […]

Did you know that 52% of Americans make 50 or more toll free calls per year? How many calls did your business receive this year? With a toll free number, your business can expect to see an immediate increase in call volume, happy customers, and sales. Here is how a toll free number can build […]

With less than ten days left in 2014, many small business owners reflect on the past year and more important, devise the game plan for 2015. One of the strategies of your 2015 small business game plan should be acquiring toll free numbers. And today you can…absolutely free! The Financial Challenges of Running a Small […]

The countdown to the end of the year begins. In less than two weeks, 2015 will be here. Are you still scrambling to make year-end numbers or to try and firm up 2015 business? Good news! Cross them both off your “naughty and nice” list with a free toll free vanity number.   Give your […]

The time of year has arrived when we make our annual declarations on how we plan to improve our lives for the new year. You might plan to lose weight, exercise more, and cut down on sweets, but what have you planned for your small business? Have you taken the time to devise ways to […]

Entrepreneurs lead whirlwind lives, from juggling creative ideas to help the business stand out to multitasking and performing the daily balancing act like a magician. The non-stop buzz of running a small business often forces us to take our professional lives for granted. However, every once in a while it’s important to stop and remember […]

We live in a competitive digital age today. It’s all about how quickly we can achieve data. Therefore, most small business owners know that acquiring a toll free number is a smart business planning tactic. However, the effort goes beyond merely acquiring a toll free number. It’s also about choosing a number that possesses staying […]

Small business communication today involves overseeing various mediums and channels. You have a small business website that forms the cornerstone of your online marketing program, at least several social media platforms to promote special offers, deals, and sales and connect with customers, and maybe even a toll free number dedicated to handling customer service inquiries. […]

Now that 2014 is drawing to a close, it’s time to look back and reflect on the 2014 goals we reviewed at the beginning of the year. We all saw Google’s algorithms change several months ago, and while that shifted SEO and content marketing strategies a bit, the 2014 small business trends remained true throughout […]