Toll Free Trends: Ring in the New Year with a Toll Free Number

by: admin , December 18, 2014

The time of year has arrived when we make our annual declarations on how we plan to improve our lives for the new year. You might plan to lose weight, exercise more, and cut down on sweets, but what have you planned for your small business?

Have you taken the time to devise ways to attract new customers and get your loyal patrons to visit your store more often? Well, you can have your cake and eat it too when you ring in the new year with a toll free number.

Toll Free Benefits

You might think, “Hey, I can’t afford another marketing gimmick.” Toll free numbers are not gimmicks. In fact, one of the several toll free benefits is maximizing your advertising return on investment. The numbers immediately increase customer response rates, which augments your revenue.

Your Small Business: Where Everyone Knows Your Toll Free Number

Most small businesses create customer recognition through catchy business names. Use the same principle for a toll free number and watch your sales shoot through the roof. Memorable toll free numbers stick in the minds of your regular customers, who then pass on the easy-to-remember small business numbers to friends and family members. Catchy small business numbers also help your small business develop the level of credibility that builds trust.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

One of the primary goals of any small business should be to establish a strong brand. As another toll free benefit, brand boosting helps you gain prestige within your community. Customers look at you as a small business operator who has his or her act together. Establishing a strong brand helps your small business reach more potential customers.

Organize Your Small Business

Running a small business can drain the energy from the most devoted operator. The phone often acts as the center of small business chaos and by acquiring toll free numbers, you take control of the communication breakdowns. As perhaps the greatest of the toll free benefits, designating toll free numbers for different tasks helps you improve customer engagement. For example, you dedicate a line or two for customer complaints and attach toll free number to a couple of phone lines for special promotions.

Whether you’ve spent the last month or quarter planning for 2015, it’s not too late to add toll free numbers to your small business marketing plan for the new year. Grow your small business revenue and reduce your marketing costs…and ring in the new year with a toll free number.



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