Create a Direct Connection between a Toll Free Number and Social Media

by: admin , December 11, 2014
Small business communication today involves overseeing various mediums and channels. You have a small business website that forms the cornerstone of your online marketing program, at least several social media platforms to promote special offers, deals, and sales and connect with customers, and maybe even a toll free number dedicated to handling customer service inquiries.

While you’ve managed to stay on top of each communication channel, there’s just one problem with your new small business communication paradigm: You have failed to create a direct connection between a toll free number and social media.

Online Marketing Means Getting Your Toll Free Number on Social Media

Social media by itself is no longer an effective option by itself for small business owners. You must have a cogent social media strategy to attract new customers. In fact, social media represents the primary way consumers under the age of forty learn about small businesses. Your small business website acts a conduit that sends the under forty age demographic to your social media pages. So, if you have prominently displayed your toll free number on your website’s home page, why isn’t your vanity number on any of your social media pages?

Up Against “The Wall”

Online marketing via social media took its first steps long ago, when Facebook introduced “The Wall” feature. Small business communication has taken off since the Wall’s inception, as small business owners leverage the small business communication platform for promoting new products and services, as well as running contests that attract new customers. Your small business Facebook Wall is the best social media place to advertise your new toll free number and make sure it is prominently listed in your “about us” or “contact” section of your Facebook page. Just makes sure to explain the purpose of the number, whether it is for handling customer inquiries or store contests.

Instant Brand Recognition from Tweeting

Twitter provides your small business communication plan with a way to connect with your customers instantly. You can send out tweets praising the employee of the month or announcing the weekly product special. Savvy small business owners use the online marketing tool to interact with potential customers who want to learn more about their products and services. You connect a toll free number and social media “tweeting” an update and include a call-to-action with your toll free number.

Linking Your Small Business Counterparts

A social media strategy without LinkedIn is like a resume without career achievements. Online marketing for small businesses should always include a profile on the professional networking social media site LinkedIn. You connect with potential suppliers, affiliates who want to promote your products and services online, and even network with other small business owners. Dedicate a toll free number for business-to-business small business communication and watch your sales explode.

Strategically integrating a toll free number into your online marketing program can help drive results. Learn more about our small business communication tools and contact us online or at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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