How to Future-Proof Your Toll Free Number

by: admin , December 12, 2014

We live in a competitive digital age today. It’s all about how quickly we can achieve data. Therefore, most small business owners know that acquiring a toll free number is a smart business planning tactic.

However, the effort goes beyond merely acquiring a toll free number. It’s also about choosing a number that possesses staying power. In other words, it’s important to future-proof your toll free number. You cannot afford to list a toll free number that no longer has relevancy. You need to create a toll free small business number for the ages.

Start with the Name

Creating a memorable toll free number is only part of winning the battle. The catchy name must also remain relevant years down the road. For example, 1-800-FLORIST should last you throughout the life of your small business. On the other hand, 1-800-ROSESRRED may not be a compelling tool free number in a few years. You never know, but maybe people turn to yellow or silver roses for inspiration.

Tie the Number to Your Brand

Small businesses must establish brand recognition to thrive in a crowded small business field, as well as to take on the big boys that have more financial firepower and marketing tools. Create at least one of your toll free numbers around your small business-branding message. Do you excel in providing friendly customer service? Are you known for offering high quality products? Does your small business issue warranties to give your customers peace of mind? Whatever it is that forms your brand, use the message in one of your toll free numbers. Future-proof your toll free number by tying it with your branding message.

Avoid Trendy Products

Some small business owners acquire toll free numbers that promote their most popular products. While this might seem like a good idea, your most popular product for a toll free number not only promotes the product, but it also promotes your small business by connecting the product with your business. However, stay away from using trendy products or fads for a toll free number. Trendy products do not have the staying power to future-proof your toll free numbers.

Stick with One Primary Number

Nothing makes your toll free number campaign ineffective more than constantly changing your vanity numbers. Constant toll free number changes confuse regular customers who grow accustomed to dialing the same number and giving the number to friends and family members. Stick with one easily recognized primary number to avoid losing relevance in your community.

The future is yours to see. Long time brand recognition and loyalty is one sure way to ensure small business survival. Future proof your business with a strong and lasting toll free number.


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