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Choosing a Business Phone Service System

Several years ago, even small businesses had to spend $6,000, $15,000, or even more on a business phone system in order to handle communications and conduct business with clients effectively. However, with advances in VOIP and cloud computing software, both new and existing companies can eliminate most if not all of this expense while maintaining a professional presence with premium toll free numbers.

Even better, toll free numbers can also help reduce the overall start up investment and monthly overhead. Toll free forwarding combined with Internet phone service can enable your organization to work on higher profit margins and even deliver a higher quality of customer service at the same time while eliminating the need for expensive business phone systems. Call centers and even large companies who need a more robust and elaborate business phone system can find hosted virtual business phone systems that offer more affordable options and flexibility.

In most cases, this new breed of business phone system solutions also offers faster changes when needed and less expensive maintenance. These new business phone solutions mean saying goodbye to the days of messing around with tech support for days on end or even having to deal constantly with replacing or adding new phones which can run hundreds of dollars each. It also makes moving and relocating easy, making your organization as a whole more flexible and able to take advantage of the best opportunities as they arise.

Taking advantage of the best toll free routing and forwarding features for your business phone lines can also give your organization the edge over your competitors who are still trying to do business the old way. And not only will it streamline your business processes but help in maximizing your marketing ROI. So before you go shopping for an expensive new business phone system or put out more money to expand or relocate an existing one, check out your other options; you may be surprised by just how much you can save in terms of money and gain in terms of efficiency.

VOIP Phone Service for Business Use - Does It Work?

VOIP phone service has bloomed over the last few years. Once solely the domain of unreliable offshore call centers, VOIP phone service has now become integrated into everyday life both for business and personal use.

Individuals all over the world are now using the likes of VOIP phone services such as Skype and Google Voice to communicate on a daily basis. Not only does VOIP phone service Skype offer free Skype to Skype calls, but extremely inexpensive phone service around the globe for as little at $13.99 a month. Even courts have now recognized the success of these VOIP phone service and video communication tools, and in at least one landmark case, a U.S. judge ordered a woman to obtain Skype for her children to use to communicate with their father as part of a custody agreement.

The real question is: Are VOIP phone services really reliable enough to conduct business on a daily basis in a professional way? It is true that, even as recently as a year ago, poor Internet services together with VOIP phone service often meant that call quality was unpredictable at best and commonly unusable at least one day of the week, so it was often responsible for causing prospects as much frustration as it was for actually closing deals. Fortunately, that has changed, and now 99.9 percent of the time, you would never know someone was calling you via a VOIP phone service. Businesses of all sizes can now successfully use these business phone services to set up remote teams and even build their own call centers cheaply, streamlining their operations and increasing their profit margins.

Combined with toll free numbers and advanced routing options managed by Independent RespOrgs for incoming calls, VOIP phone services can now be credited with helping to launch hundreds of new businesses and divisions in the last couple of years alone. In fact, without the ability to partner VOIP phone service and toll free numbers together effectively, not only would many of these companies not have been viable at all, but the unemployment rate in the U.S. and abroad would be much higher than it is today.

Adding Value to Your Services by Offering Toll Free Numbers

If you’re interested in providing more value to your customers, then consider getting a toll free number. 800 numbers are notable because they provide a win-win solution to both businesses and consumers. For a business, having a 1-800 number is beneficial because it immediately provides a positive boost to the company’s image. When people dial a toll free number, they know your company will shoulder their call and they also feel confident that the person on the other end will provide high-quality service.

VOIP Phone Service and Toll Free Numbers

While VOIP phone services like Google Voice and Skype have revolutionized communications in the business world, not only for small business, but for media giants like the Fox News network, their one drawback has always been that they do not offer toll free numbers. However, by using the best toll free number management solutions, you can now acquire premium numeric toll free numbers and vanity numbers and have them forwarded seamlessly to any VOIP phone services you are using. This opportunity applies to call centers, remote teams, and freelance providers as well as traveling executives.

What Else Can 800 Service Do For You?

By now, you already know most of the benefits of using an 800 service, but some lesser-known facts about its benefits may convince even the wariest business owner to try out this service. An 800 toll free service makes your business more accessible even in today’s tough economy. People want to cut back expenses wherever they can. Some people have even gone to the extent of having their home phone numbers cut to save on monthly expenses.

Using Your Toll Free Number with Skype

The total number of Skype users hit 521 million people as of the fourth quarter of 2009. That is an astounding figure no matter which way you look at it. Serious business owners who want to expand their market and be easily reachable to their customers should thus look into the opportunities it presents. There are many possibilities to explore. While some opt to sign-up for a Skype account to manage VOIP calls, others have decided that the best way to take advantage of Skype is to get a toll free number.

What is a Shared Number?
What is a Shared Number?
Why Vanities Work Why Vanities Work

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