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Small Business, Marketing Strategy, Customer Support, Solve Problems, Toll Free NumbersMarketing is a broad term, but its meaning is very simple. Marketing is all about awareness and solutions. Regardless of whether you are marketing tangible goods or professional services, marketing should provide a solution to customer problems.

Here is what you can do to effectively address customer concerns in your marketing strategy.

So what are the problems that you can solve?

This is the question that every small business owner should be able to answer. First things first: If you don’t know your customers’ problems, then how can you build an effective marketing strategy? And secondly, if you don’t know how to address customer problems, then you won’t earn their trust.

Whether you are launching a new venture or already have an established and successful business it is essential to constantly be in touch with sources of marketing information to stay on top of trends and maximize your marketing ROI.

There are endless Internet marketing companies providing marketing information on their websites today. However you have to be able to see through the pitches on many of these websites that only promote one or two advertising methods and will tell you anything to get you to acquire their products or services. So where else should you be looking for quality marketing information?

Organizations like the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) who compile data and reports and act as unbiased third parties are a great source of marketing information where you can get the real facts on what is working for others both in and out of your industry.

Seminars, conventions and conferences like SXSW that is running this month in Austin, Texas are also great sources of marketing information where you can hear from live speakers, mingle with other business owners and see where marketing is headed in the future.

Business coaches are actually one of the best sources of up to the minute marketing information. While they may also be promoting themselves, they have the advantage of intimate inside knowledge of which marketing channels and methods are truly working and producing the maximum results for others and do not promote any one type of advertising, but rather are motivated to make sure that you really excel.

Finally you should also subscribe to a few cutting edge blogs to get a regular feed of brand new marketing information. This will give you constant inspiration and alert you to new trends as they emerge. Nothing stays the same forever and if you want to continue to grow your business you must constantly be embracing new technology and marketing tools.

The pending release of the much-anticipated 855 toll free number prefix on October 1st of this year has created a huge rush by smart companies looking to take advantage of the many benefits and opportunities that 855 toll free numbers offer. More than just another toll free number, the release of the 855 toll free number prefix offers a unique chance for both new start-ups and established enterprises alike to build stronger brands and dominate their markets and industries while cutting costs and streamlining business processes.

In the last few years, the trend to outsource many aspects of business operations has exploded, thanks to improved software and toll free services. The demand for increases in outsourcing has mainly arisen from the tightening economy and the need dramatically to reduce costs for labor, office space, and equipment. Call centers have been offering offshore outsourcing services for years, but the latest developments in technology as well as routing options and tools for toll free numbers have made outsourcing viable and reliable for corporations of all sizes.