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You’ve spent the time, money and effort on all of your marketing tools and techniques, and you’ve added your toll-free number so customers can reach you. But what happens when the calls start to come in? How can you effectively manage your inbound phone leads to maximize their value? Your true success lies in improving […]

Entrepreneurs comprise a unique group of people. As one of them, you’re an ambitious go-getter who perseveres when others would normally throw in the towel. In fact, only one-third of new businesses survive over ten years, according to the Small Business Administration, so your thick skin is necessary. But in order to help your small […]

A digital advertising campaign is one of the best places to use a vanity toll-free number. In fact, studies show that, on average, consumers’ recall is 75 percent higher for a vanity toll-free number than a numeric toll-free number. A vanity toll-free number is the perfect direct-response tool to combine all your marketing efforts, especially […]

With the constant changes in technology and the marketing industry, it seems like various marketing tools go in and out of style quickly. But certain tools continue to stand the test of time, bringing success to companies over and over again. Let’s take a look at some of these tools and explore why they’ve been […]

A new year brings new goals for growing your business. What could you be doing to boost your brand and bring in new customers? There’s no need to spend hours researching new marketing trends. A custom toll-free number is the solution you’ve been waiting for. So how will a toll-free vanity number help you? Here […]

If your business is striving for a stronger market presence, better customer recognition and increased response rates, you could be missing out on one important tool. A vanity toll-free number establishes instant prestige among consumers and makes it easy for them to remember how to reach you. After all, studies show that when you advertise […]

No matter the nature of your business, open communication with your customers is always the key to success. And these days, open communication involves a lot more than being able to answer a customer’s phone call. Connecting with your customers, current and potential, requires multiple channels of communication, including land line, mobile and online, and […]

Keeping up with news is challenging and time consuming, especially in an industry that’s constantly changing. But staying current with the latest marketing trends can bring your brand up to speed. So how do you cut through the clutter and research to find the most helpful information? Here’s how: Subscribe to online journals and publications […]

As a start-up company, it’s no secret that you’re working with limited resources. Getting off the ground and building your customer base on a budget can be a tricky challenge, so before you go throwing money at big-shot marketing and design tools, consider a cheaper way of boosting your business. Several budget-friendly business tools are […]

Company Overview Company Name: happy name – Contact Name: Jamison Hill, Founder Location: San Francisco Happy name is a one-stop shop for serious entrepreneurs, start-ups, and marketers to find relevant, marketing-ready branding assets for new and existing projects. Happy name is the “universal brand search tool.” Within a single search, happy name checks if […]